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== September 06th 2014 ==  
== September 06th 2014 ==  
• General
   • General
     • Added Tome of Wisdom, which allows players to collect Scrolls and Recipes. These can in turn be used to craft new items or enhance existing items!   
     • Added Tome of Wisdom, which allows players to collect Scrolls and Recipes. These can in turn be used to craft new items or enhance existing items!   
         •  Scrolls can be used right away on their own to craft with and improve other items.
         •  Scrolls can be used right away on their own to craft with and improve other items.

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September 06th 2014

  • General
   • Added Tome of Wisdom, which allows players to collect Scrolls and Recipes. These can in turn be used to craft new items or enhance existing items!  
       •  Scrolls can be used right away on their own to craft with and improve other items.
       •  Alternatively, a player can add a scroll to their Tome of Wisdom, to produce unlimited copies of the scroll for a fee.
       •  Some scrolls can be found randomly in gifts or item drops, others are exclusive to gamemode objectives or bundled with an achievement.
   • Added 2 new VIP memberships: Coral and Jade
       • Important: Members who have generously supported the community with their donations in the past will be offered a free upgrade to these new memberships.
       •  Players who have received a silver crown will receive a free upgrade to Coral member.
       • Players who have received a gold crown will receive a free upgrade to Jade member.
   • Added Ancient Gems.
       • These rare gems can only be found by wearing items granting a special modifier (Ability to find Ancient Gems).
   • Added Arcane Shards.
       •  Relics can be broken down into Arcane Shards using a special recipe.
       • Crafting 5 Arcane Shards together will produce a random relic item.
   • Added some features to make it easier for new users to get started on the servers
       • All new users will start out with a Genuine Bundle of Starter Items  
       • New users will start with 15 tokens already on their account. 
       (Existing users have had these tokens added to their account retroactively.)
   • All VIP members can now wear their (current) country flag as a chat tag.
       • This applies to all VIP members (Silver and up)
   • Added booster packs and temporary buffs which boost certain stats (such as magic find, rare find, lockpick success rate, ability to find ancient gems...) for a certain period of time.
       • Currently there are small (1 hour) and big (24 hours) booster packs available.
   • Added exclusive particle effects which are extremely rare and can only be received from Golden Casks  
   • Fixed and improved Cross Server Chat (CSC) to communicate between servers.
       • CSC messages now display rank color and chat tags.
       • This features is only available to staff members and Coral / Jade members to prevent abuse.
   • Completely redesigned staff and VIP chat tags 
   • Added several new emoticons, including Steam Community icons 
   • Added Twitch.tv emoticons 
   • Added 20 new chat tags, which can only be obtained from the new Bundle of Random Chat Tags.  
       • Each bundle contains 4 random chat tags which can be used or traded.
   • Added attribute statistics viewer to the Account Info & Settings-menu:
       • A list of all active attribute effects will be displayed to the user.
       • This features is only available to staff members and Coral / Jade members.
   • Players can now display items from their inventory in chat.
       • Coral / Jade members can also display items from their inventory in Cross Server Chat
   • Redesigned the chat tag selection menu to display all chat tags the user owns at once.
   • Changed relic color from #BB7D3E to #D0A070
   • Modified the infobox describing an item to highlight certain aspects of the item.
       • Chests, crates and bundles have their series highlighted.
       • Names of contributors on community items are now highlighted.
   • Added option of resizing chatbox width in /settings menu.
• Puzzles
   • Puzzles is a Garry's Mod gamemode based on the Half-Life 2: Deathmatch maps made by DST Studios. Originally run by BluShell Gaming, the gamemode is now being hosted and run by MoronYard. A big thanks to Banhfun	for making this possible!
   • Every map has 8-13 puzzles. When a puzzle is finished, every player gets a reward.
• Smash
   • Added the map Horror by Kmasht	and MasterMark.
   • Added the map Metal by Kmasht	and MasterMark.
   • Fixed a glitch where platforms could get frozen on Eye. Thanks to Kmasht	and MasterMark.
• Slope
   • Reworked the highscore system.
       • All player times are now stored.
       • Speedhackers will no longer be able to overwrite previous highscores.
• Build To The Top
   • Added the hula doll prop.
       • Carrying the doll to the next level's platform will move your spawnpoint to said platform.
   • Added the gravity gun
       • Allows players to manipulate props a lot easier, with the downside of not being able to freeze props
   • Added weapon & general control information boxes, which will help new players get started with the gamemode.
   • Rebalanced rewards for completing the whole map.
       • Rewards can now include item drops.
   • Reaching a checkpoint (level) now grants a small cash prize.
   • Added new awards, some of which granting gamemode-exclusive item rewards.
   • Replaced the wooden board with a longer plank.
• Marketplace
   • Ratings are now properly visible to guest (no login).
• Bugfixes
   • Fixed a bug allowing players to get high killstreaks by killing the same player multiple times.
   • Fixed an error causing the Chemical Aura to display incorrectly.  
   • Fixed Multiplier Madness not activating at times.
   • Fixed being able to freeze and unfreeze other player's protected props on BTTT.
   • Fixed several errors related to particle systems.
   • Fixed being able to trade yourself.
   • Fixed a typo with the puppet mine.
   • Fixed some smash weapon descriptions.
   • Changed the item code of the relic katana to use the non-legendary katana.
   • Fixed Cross Server Chat.
   • Fixed Slow Mines not being able to slow more than once per round.
   • Fixed being able to walk to prevent the effect of puppet and slow mines.
   • Fixed buff and debuff icons not being removed properly.
   • Item with styles are now properly displayed in the explorer.
• Balance Changes
  • Smash Items
   • Ricochet Smash Weapon  
       • Reduced damage dealt to victim from 8-15 to 4-12.
       • Mine owners can now take damage from using the mine.
   • Ring of Dexterity Smash Tool  
       • Changed the way charges are gained:
           •  Owner will gain 1 charge for every 4 mines activated in a 550 unit AoE by any player.
       • Initial charges have been reduced from 1 to 0.
   • Inferno Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Reduced burn damage ticks from 2-4 to 2-3.
       • Increased starting ammo from 3 to 4.
       • Reduced delay from 9 to 7 seconds.
       • Increased movespeed reduction from 15% to 25%.
   • Force Staff Smash Tool  
       • Reduced push force from 415 to 350 units.
   • Repulsion Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Reduced push force from 500-750 to 450-675
   • Puppet Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Increased effect duration from 5 to 5-7 seconds.
       • Increased starting ammo from 2 to 3.
       • Victim's movespeed is now increased by 20% for the duration of the debuff.
   • Reversal Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Increased effect duration from 3-5 to 4.5-6 seconds.
       • Reduced delay from 4.5 to 3 seconds.
       • Victim's movespeed is now increased by 40% for the duration of the debuff.
   • Flashbang Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Reduced effect duration from 4 to 3 seconds.
       • Decreased AoE from 600 to 500 units.
       • Increased starting ammo from 2 to 3.
       • Reduced delay from 12 to 9 seconds.
       • Increased kill contribution timer from 6 to 8 seconds.
       • Affected players will now see a black instead of a white screen.
   • Healing Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Healing mines come with a starting capacity of 30 HP.
           •  After this initial capacity is used up by either the owner or other players, the next player to step on the mine will take 30 poison damage.
           •  Players who have been damaged by the healing mine can no longer regenerate health for 7 seconds.
           •  The healing mine's capacity is replenished after dealing damage.
       • Increased heal amount from 4-8 to 6-12 health.
       • Increased kill contribution timer from 10 to 15 seconds.
       • Increased starting ammo from 4 to 5.
       • Reduced delay from 4 to 3 seconds.
   • Slow Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Reduced effect duration from 8 to 6 seconds.
       • Increased movespeed reduction from 80% to 85%.
       • Decreased starting ammo from 6 to 4.
       • Increased delay from 2.25 to 4 seconds.
   • Bleed Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Increased starting ammo from 3 to 4.
       • Reduced delay from 6 to 3 seconds.
   • Stun Mine Smash Weapon  
       • Increased effect duration from 1-1.75 to 1.5-2.5 seconds.
       • Reduced delay from 2.75 to 2.5 seconds.
• Chest / Crate contents
   • Modified Mysterious Chest A contents  
       • Re-added Katana  
   • Modified Mysterious Chest B contents  
       • Added Ring of Dexterity  
   • Modified Mysterious Chest C contents  
       • Added Drill Mine  
   • Introduced Locked Crate (Series 12-18)  
   • Introduced Robo Crate (Series 2)	 
• New Items
  • Hats
   • Added the Human Skull hat  
   • Added the Blue Rival hat  
   • Added the Boot hat  
   • Added the Bootleg Billycock hat  
   • Added the Brim-Full of Bullets hat  
   • Added the Cottonhead hat  
   • Added the Firewall Helmet hat  
   • Added the Fur Cap hat  
   • Added the Hetman's Headpiece hat  
   • Added the L'Inspecteur hat  
   • Added the Lucky Shot hat  
   • Added the Red Rival hat  
   • Added the Satellite Hat hat  
   • Added the S0lar T0pi hat  
   • Added the Stahlhelm hat  
   • Added the Steel Shak0 hat  
   • Added the Tin Cap0tain hat  
   • Added the Vending Cap hat  
   • Added the War Pig hat  
   • Added the Texas Tin-Gall0n hat  
   • Added the Tyrantium Helmet hat  
   • Added the T0wering Pillar of Hats hat  
   • Added the B0nk Leadwear hat  
   • Added the Cyb0rg Stunt Helmet hat  
   • Added the R0b0tic Birg Cage hat  
   • Added the Stuntsr0b0t hat  
   • Added the Legendary Birthday Hat hat  
  • Body Attachment
   • Added the Antenna body attachment  
   • Added the Banana Peel body attachment  
   • Added the Beep Boy body attachment  
   • Added the B0lt B0y body attachment  
   • Added the Cactus body attachment  
   • Added the Chainsaw body attachment  
   • Added the Fairy Wings body attachment  
   • Added the Huntsman body attachment  
   • Added the Meat Hook body attachment  
   • Added the Megapixel Beard body attachment  
   • Added the Target Practice body attachment  
   • Added the Prick body attachment  
   • Added the Tiny Cube body attachment  
   • Added the War Axe body attachment  
  • Auras
   • Added the Vwoosh aura  
   • Added the Whish aura  
   • Added the Razzle aura  
   • Added the Oxygen aura  
   • Added the Carbon aura  
   • Added the Helium aura  
  • Crates / Chests
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 12) crate  
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 13) crate  
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 14) crate  
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 15) crate  
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 16) crate  
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 17) crate  
   • Added the Locked Crate (Series 18) crate  
   • Added the Robo Crate (Series 2) crate  
   • Added the Golden Cask chest  
  • Gems and Jewels
   • Added the Amazonite gem  
   • Added the Citrine gem  
   • Added the Onyx gem  
   • Added the Hiddenite gem  
   • Added the Iolite gem  
  • Bundles
   • Added the Bundle of Random Chat Tags item  
   • Added the Genuine Bundle of Starter Items item  
  • Special items
   • Added the Tome of Wisdom item  
   • Added the Arcane Shard item  
   • Added the Small Booster Pack: +100% Magic Find item  
   • Added the Small Booster Pack: +100% Rare Find item  
   • Added the Small Booster Pack: +100% Lock Pick Rate item  
   • Added the Small Booster Pack: Ancient Gems item  
   • Added the Big Booster Pack: +100% Magic Find item  
   • Added the Big Booster Pack: +100% Rare Find item  
   • Added the Big Booster Pack: +100% Lock Pick Rate item  
   • Added the Big Booster Pack: Ancient Gems item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Dog item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Penguin item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Bug item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Flask item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Apple item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Orange item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Joystick item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Leaf item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Mask item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Poison item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Poop item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Shuriken item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Basketball item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Football item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Golf item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Soccer item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Tennis item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Sushi item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Yin-Yang item  
   • Added the Chat Tag: Monkey item 

December 28th 2013

• Completely redesigned the drop system:
   • Loot table distribution is a lot fairer now and 'good' drops are much more common.
   • Hats, Body Attachments and Auras drop a lot more often and have a chance of being broken.
   • 'Good' and 'Very Good' jewels have a chance of dropping.
   • Relics are more common and can drop occasionally.
   • Loot is affected by magical properties of worn items (+% Relic Find increases your chances of finding relics).
• Changed base item / day rate from 6 to 8.
• Added 33 new relics.
   • Split all relics into 'Series':
   • Initially released relics are in Series 1; more recent and newly added relics are in Series 2
• Added ability to buy moneybags during a trade.
• Added disclaimer for trading which needs to be accepted before any transactions can take place.
• Added new sounds for purchasing items and redeeming moneybags.
• Added a new reward for getting the 'Holy Prop' award.
• Added treasure boxes:
   • Each treasure box contains 1 jewel with 2 affixes with increases rarity.
   • Can be bought in a bundle (2 treasure boxes) for 1 goldbar, bought in the Token Shop for 475 Tokens or received during special events.
• Added "Chance to Cast" affixes on relics:
   • Backtrack: Has a chance of blocking any instance of incoming damage completely.
   • Corruption: Applies a negative debuff to all players in a 600 AoE and reduces their armor by 8 for 9 seconds.
• Added /rules chat command.
• Added "+% Better Chance of Finding Broken Items" affix.
• Added "+% to All Resistances" affix.
• Fixed items from gifts not actually being given out.
• Minor GUI redesigns and changes.
• Other bugfixes.

November 6th 2013

• Adjusted delays / ammo for some Smash Weapons and tools
   • Slow Mine:
     • Ammo: 5 -> 6
     • Delay: 2 -> 2.25
   • Drill Mine:
     • Ammo: 2 -> 3
   • Reversal Mine:
     • Delay: 6 -> 4.5
   • Bleed Mine:
     • Delay: 7 -> 6
   • Puppet Mine:
     • Delay: 12 -> 9
   • Ring of Dexterity:
     • Jumps: 0 -> 1
• Fixed Mr. Maggot hat showing incorrect model.
• Adjusted some of Merasmus' challenges to make them easier to beat.
• Added an average amount of items / mines / deaths that have to occur per player in order to beat a challenge

November 4th 2013

• Started the Halloween 2013 Event:
   • Merasmus is back and is handing out rotten, cursed and damned souls for all those who are brave enough to beat his challenges!
   • Added 14 new body attachments, 10 new hats, 4 new chat tags and 1 new Smash mine that can only be crafted during this event.
   • Read more about this event on our wiki page: http://moronyard.info/wiki/index.php?title=Halloween_Event_2013
   • The event lasts until November 17th included.
• Added armor
   • Increases physical resistance
   • A negative value reduces physical resistance, thus amplifying prop damage
   • All hats have 2 base armor and all body attachments have 1 armor.
• Added physical resistance
   • Protects the player against damage from props
• Added poison resistance
   • Reduces damage taken by damage-over-time attacks (except fire)
• Added fall damage resistance
   • Reduces damage taken when falling
• Added stun resistance
   • Reduces the amount of time a player is unable to move during a stun
• Added fire resistance
   • Reduces damage by burn or explosive attacks
• Added buffs and debuffs
   • Buffs are positive effects on your character (ex: fall damage reduction from Winged Boots)
   • Debuffs are negative effects on your characters (ex: movement speed reduction from Force Staff)
   • Buffs and debuffs are displayed in a status bar underneath the profile window.
• Changed the way the “+x Health regenerated every 5 seconds”-attribute behaves
   • If the player has taken damage in the last 5 seconds, he will not be healed
• Nerfed Force Staff
   • Reduces base movement by 10% (300 -> 270)
• Revamped the settings menu
• Optimized some custom VGUI elements
• Various bugfixes

September 14th 2013

• Revamped the scoreboard.
• Started the Robo Event.
• Added Robo Crates and Robo Keys.
• Added Robo Hats and Body Attachments.
• Added Robo Rare Effects.
• Added a spectator mode on Smash.
• Opened the Marketplace.
• Added Marketplace upgrades.
• Added new bundles to the Premium Shop.
• Added new Chat Tags.
• Added 10 new relics.
• Added the Bone Hat, The Dictator, Climber's Axe, and Handsome Mask.

July 3rd 2013

• Added Painted variations of newer hats.
• Added new functions to certain menus.
• AFK players no longer give cash or are considered as a kill when being killed by another player's Mine.

July 2nd 2013

• Added the Quickbar. This can be accessed by holding your sprint key.
• Added Paint Remover.
• Added "/recipes" and a new button for the recipe list.

May 17th 2013

• Started the Madness Event.
• Gifts drop Mythical Chests and Mythical Keys.
• Mythical Chests contain new Gems, Materials to repair items, and all of the new items in Broken form.
• Added a lot of new Hats, Body Attachments, Auras, Gems, and Materials.
• Added the Broken and Mythical qualities. Broken items will become Mythicals upon being repaired with 2 to 4 random Materials or Gems. Mythical items have two above average Attributes and a chance for sockets.
• Added the Multiplier Madness random event. This will increase all attributes on Mythical items by 25% for 60 seconds. This does not apply to the Extra Items per Day attribute.
• The new Gems have a single set stat and can be upgraded by combining 3 of the same type of Gem and tier. Chipped > Flawed > Normal > Flawless > Perfect. Perfect Gems have attributes slightly higher than the normal cap.

March 10th 2013

• Added multikills to Smash.
• Added the Mysterious Chest C and Bundle of Mysterious Chests C.
• The Bundle of Blank Paintcans now gives 4 Blank Paintcans instead of 2.
• Blank Paintcans now only cost 175 tokens instead of 350.
• Added Relic mines.

December 25th 2012

• Activated Event Mode on our gameservers. 30% more cash will be given out!
• For every 2 goldbars you purchase, you get 1 goldbar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!). Note: You will not get 3 goldbars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only gold bar purchases are affected.
• Added the Holiday Crate: It contains Holiday-themed hats that are only available during this event.
• Added the Winter Crate: This crate contains all non-legendary Smash Weapons and Tools: Each item will have at least 1 magic attribute and also has a chance of coming with a different "style" (read more about that further down).
• Both of these crates can only be opened with a Festive Key; this key can be crafted with the normal recipe(3 x Key Fragment / 50% chance of either regular or Festive Key) or directly from gifts. The new crates only drop from gifts.
• Added new Smash Mine styles: Mines can now have different models. There are currently 5 different styles.

December 2nd 2012

   We are hosting a give-away for all the players of the community. We are giving away the following prizes:
   3 x "Humble Bundle" game packs, each including the following games:
   Saints Row: The Third
   Metro 2033
   Red Faction: Armageddon
   Company of Heroes
   Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts
   Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
  To participate in the give-away, all you need to do is purchase a ticket in the Token Shop. A ticket costs 8 tokens and is not tradable. Multiple tickets do not increase your chances of winning (you only need to buy 1).
  The winners will be drawn on Wednesday night (5/12/2012).
  Note: You just need to keep the ticket in your inventory to be eligible to win. You don't need to do anything else.

November 29th 2012

• Added the Hourglass Shop.
• Added the Timely Aura.
• Added a new "+% Better Chance of Getting a Relic" attribute.

November 24th 2012

• Added rare Jewels for Smash Tournament winners.
• Added the Ring of Dexterity.
• Added the Series 11 Locked Crate.
• Added several new chat tags for special donators and tournament winners.

November 15th 2012

• Every Smash Mine except Repulsion has been rebalanced, Flashbang Mine has been nerfed while the rest have been buffed.
• The Winged Boots now push back everyone within a 500 unit radius of the wearer based on the amount of fall damage taken.
• The Force Staff has been nerfed, the user takes 20% more fall damage and the recharge has been increased to 10 seconds.
• Added Community versions of the items added on October 24th, 2012.

November 9th 2012

The event is now over as of November 18th, 2012.

• Activated Event Mode on our gameservers. 30% more cash will be given out!
• For every 2 goldbars you purchase, you get 1 goldbar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!). Note: You will not get 3 goldbars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only gold bar purchases are affected.
• Halloween gifts spawn on the map every 1-3 minutes. Opening one of these gifts has a chance to conjure Merasmus. After spawning, the almighty wizard will challenge you to complete his tasks:
   • Work together as a team to defeat the evil wizard by completing his tasks; if you do, he will hand out rewards in the form of   Rotten, Cursed and Damned Souls!
   • Combining the souls will grant you a unique Halloween item.
   • Harder challenges = better souls (Souls value in this order: Damned (Hard) > Cursed (Normal) > Rotten (Easy))
   • All of the tasks to achieve are counted globally; this means that you do not have to do something x times, but it also works if x   people do it once.
   • Every player that participates in the task will be rewarded with a soul, even if the task is already achieved (as long as it   hasn't ended yet)
• Added new chat tags that can be crafted with souls or purchased in the Premium Shop.
• Added Halloween Chat Tag Bundle and Bundle of Damned Souls

October 24th 2012

• Updated to Garry's Mod 13.
• Added 2 new Hats: Christmas Hat and Cross-Com Express
• Added 3 new Body Attachments: Pipboy, Tough Guy Sunglasses, and Perfect Disguise
• Added 4 new Auras: Golden Light, Tornado, Whirlpool, and Fairy Circle
• Added chat smilies.
• Removed the Bundle of Summer Chests from the Premium Shop.
• Added the wiki browser and /help.
• Added emote spam protection.

August 9th 2012

• Changed chest fragments to wooden fragments.
• Fixed descriptions on some items.
• Lockpicks now work on Summer Chests and series 9 & 10 Locked Crates.

July 31st 2012

• Summer items are now Common quality.
• Fixed the Smash Tools loadout bug some people were experiencing.

July 28th 2012

The event is now over as of August 10th, 2012. Summer Chests are no longer obtainable.

• Launched the Summer Event 2012! During this event, you can find 6 unique Legendary items that can only be acquired while the event is running. Furthermore, powerful Summer Chests will start dropping from gifts. The event runs for this weekend and all of next week at least. A final date will be announced later on.
• Enabled Double Goldbar Mode! For every 2 goldbars you purchase, you get 1 goldbar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!). Note: You will not get 3 goldbars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only Gold Bar purchases are affected.
• Summer Chests will always give you either a new legendary summer item, a jewel or an item that is painted / magic / rare / socketed. Relics can also drop.
• Added 21 new relics and reduced the price of the Chest of Relics from 2 goldbars to 1 goldbar.
• Increased key and chest drop rate for the duration of the summer event.
• Increased rare item drop rate for the duration of the summer event.
• Increased gift spawn rate for the duration of the summer event.
• Added 2 new crate series (9 & 10). They contain new wearable items created by community members, as well as regular (non-legendary) versions of the Smash Tools (Force Staff & Winged Boots).
• Newly added shop items will now be marked as "NEW!" in the shop until the next batch of items is added.
• Relics can now have sockets (for now only if they are dropped from Summer Chests).
• A sound will now be played whenever a rare item or a relic is crafted or received from a chest / crate.
• Updated error logging module.
• Added a keep-alive query for the MySQL connection to prevent the server from losing connection to the database (ie: "0 Cash / No Shop"-bug)
• Added 3 new community items: The Wingstick, Liquor Locker and Frontline Medic. Thanks to Death The Wolf and Kabooman97 for providing these!
• Added missing recipe outlines to items such as magic dust and crafting catalyst.
• Fixed a rare bug that would cause the crafting screen to error when the inventory was empty.
• Fixed up a few minor errors with admin menu.
• Lots of other minor bug fixes.

June 29th 2012

• Added several new community items: Stack of Hats, Boombox, Mad Eye, Scattergun, Adventurer's Pack, Warrior's Shield, Sentry Hat and The Quickfix.
• Added a new magic property: Open Sockets. Items with open sockets can inherit magic properties from the items that are inserted into these sockets (for now, only Jewels). Items with sockets can be found in crates, chests, gifts or even randomly. They can have up to 3 sockets.
• Added a new item type: Jewels. These items always have at least 1 magic attribute. They can be inserted into items with the "Open Sockets" magic attribute. Doing so will remove the Jewel and add its attributes to the item. Jewels can be found in every crate and can be crafted together to create a new random jewel.
• Disabled inventory sorting; it might return in the future but for now it has been removed to reduce amount of database queries being sent in a session.
• Fixed FPS issues caused by material cache being faulty.
• Optimized profile saving and reduced general amount of queries used.
• Switched over to transaction-based queries for inventory saving.
• Lots of other minor fixes.

June 8th 2012

• Goldbar Madness-Event has been started! For every 2 Gold Bars you purchase, you get 1 Gold Bar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!). Note: You will not get 3 Gold Bars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only Gold Bar purchases are affected. This event lasts from now until Monday morning!
• During the event, the rare and painted drop rates have been increased significantly.
• Added the attribute system for wearable items: All hats, auras and body attachments can now have prefixes and suffixes which will give them special bonuses. Currently there are 11 different attributes and there are more to come.
• Added Relics: These special items are unique and have several predefined attributes. They can also be painted or have an effect attached to them.
• Added 2 new Smash Tools: Force Staff and Winged Boots. These can be used instead of mines.
• Added a Chest of Relics: This chest will produce one random relic, which can be rare or painted as well.
• Added the Bundle of Smash Tools: Contains both the Winged Boots and the Force Staff.
• All items found prior to this update will receive the vintage subquality. This will make all the existing items more valuable.
• A lot of minor bugfixes and optimizations.

May 6th 2012

Event ended as of May 7th, 2012.

• Activated Paint Madness!: All items (that can be painted) that you unbox from crates or chests (yes, even Mysterious Chests and Rare Chests) will be painted! (This might be a good time to get a painted Katana...)
• For every 2 Gold Bars you purchase, you get 1 Gold Bar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!). Note: You will not get 3 Gold Bars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only gold bar purchases are affected.
• The chance to get a rare item has been significantly increased!
• Event mode is enabled; you get 30% more cash for winning / getting awards / killing people / ...
• Added painted variations for new items: Tree Hat, Spike Hat, Dragonborn Helmet, Warsworn Helmet, Bolgan, Charmer's Chapeau, Hunter's Headband, Counterfeit Billycock, Deus Specs, Windmill, Enemy Intelligence and Harpoon!
• Crates can now be lockpicked.
• Rearranged some items in the crates.

May 5th 2012

• Added new item type: Crates. They behave exactly the same as regular chests did, except they contain different items. Every crate contains 5-6 hats, 1-2 body attachments, 1-2 weapons and 0-2 auras.
• Stopped all existing regular chests from dropping and removed all crafting recipes to create regular chests: This pretty much means that the supply of old Series 1 - 5 chests will slowly start to decline. Bundle of chests will still be available! Rare chests also behave the same way they used to.
• Added recipe to re-roll Smash Weapons.
• Added gift locations for map mg_smash_combine.
• Added 4 new mines: Bleed Mines, Healing Mines, Drill Mines, & Puppet Mines.
• Optimized all existing Smash mines.
• Added sudden death mode on Smash: After a certain amount of time, Drill Mines will start appearing to collapse the platforms players are standing on and speed up the round. This should help avoid long and boring rounds on certain maps.
• Added new display messages for mines.
• Added individual map properties for each Smash map.
• Community items now have their own item quality; they are no longer legendary quality.
• Changed Magic Dust creation recipe from 2 to 3 Dust.
• Changed default amount of rounds before voting on Smash maps from 20 to 15.
• Fixed recipe list not being ordered.
• Fixed one player name being stuck behind a button on the invite screen.
• Fixed players being able to unbox or create an item with "Cigarette Smoke" particle effect.
• Fixed Mysterious Chests A not being untradable after being crafted by VIP members.

April 29th 2012

• Added kill assists from mines: Whenever somebody dies while under the effect of one of your mines, you get credit for the kill.
• The system is now tracking the kills mentioned above.
• Fixed a bug with item drop system where mines with affixes could spawn.
• Adjusted ammo and delays for all mines.
• Mines now immediately cloak when placed. This should make placing effective traps a lot easier. The mine still needs to arm before being able to be triggered.
• Adjusted visual effects from Flashbang Mines to decay equally fast on all clients (FPS).
• Flashbang Mines can no longer be triggered by the owner of the mine.
• Increased the radius of mines by 4 units in each dimension.
• The applied force of Repulsion Mines is a lot less predictable now.
• The Smash scoreboard now properly separates dead and alive players and sorts by amount of kills.

April 28th 2012

• Added the loadout to Smash: Players can now choose from several weapons and tools. Once an item is acquired, it can be used in Smash by pressing the F3 key.
• Added 5 Smash mines for use in the loadout menu. More will follow in later updates. Have a look at this list to see what each mine does.
• Added a new Smash map by jaythorpe: Combine
• Changed the Series 5 Chest from "Flamethrowers" to "Weapons and Tools". This chest now contains both Flamethrowers for use in Dodgeball and Weapons / Tools for use in Smash.
• Bundle items now have their own quality.
• Added a Bundle of Mines: It contains all of the new Smash Weapons and can be found in the Premium Shop!

April 24th 2012

• Enabled the Shop Preview button: Clicking it will show you what your character looks like.
• Added a recipe to disenchant rare items: You can now remove the effect from an item without losing the base item. All attributes (paint, tradable, craftable...) will remain the same - only the effect is stripped. The recipe also yields Dust.
• Combining 2 x Dust will create Magic Dust.
• Recipes that require rare items as inputs or give rare items as output will now show the correct color coding on the item box.
• Sorting the inventory by type will now correctly sort chests by series. (thanks to Willdy for reminding me)
• Added 1 new community-made hat: Warsworn Helmet.

April 22nd 2012

• Added several new hats and attachments: Windmill, Spike Hat, Harpoon, Dragonborn Helmet, Enemy Intelligence, Tree Hat and Deus Specs.
• Added new VIP tags to the /settings menu. They will be displayed next to your name in chat and on the scoreboard.
• Added QuickCraft for Diamond VIP Members: This feature allows players to craft certain items by clicking a button next to the recipe. If the player has the necessary items in the inventory, the system will automatically add them to the crafting window.
• Buying an item from the shop will now return you to the shop (useful for buying money bags).
• Added an icon to the chatbox for the inventory viewer.
• The scoreboard on Slope and Smash now properly scales user tags that are less than 32px wide.
• Added the Medal of Excellence: It is given to active users of the community who help out by creating hats, posting on the forums, contributing to the wiki, posting suggestions or reporting bugs.

April 21st 2012

• Added a new Smash map by jaythorpe: Space Station
• Added new chest: Mysterious Chest Series B. Currently, this chest only drops randomly (or from gifts) and cannot be crafted (Diamond Member recipe will be activated in a few weeks).
• Added new moneybag: 5,000,000 Cash
• Added new chest bundles: Bundle of Mysterious Chests A and Bundle of Mysterious Chests B. When used, they turn into 8 chests and 8 keys. They can be purchased in the Premium Shop.
• Picking up a gift can now have negative effects.
• Double-clicking an item in the trade screen will send it to or remove it from the trade window.
• Deleting an item will no longer force you to re-open the inventory.
• Crafting an item will no longer set the tiny-inventory page back to 1
• Added support for smaller inventory icons (16px, 32px, 48px)
• Fixed the message box in the top-left corner not displaying messages correctly after a while. Also set a fixed width and height.
• Added the inventory viewer: Type /inv or /view to see another user's inventory in-game!
• Lots of other minor bugfixes.

April 13th 2012

Items no longer exist as of April 16th, 2012.

• Added the Easter Key and Bundle of Easter Keys. The bundle will turn into 12 Easter Keys on use and can be purchased in the Premium section of the shop. Easter Keys only work on Series 6 Chests and they will disappear after the Easter Event has ended, so make sure you use them!
• The Easter Key has a chance to drop randomly from gifts.
• Added the Rare Painted Item Chests: These chests will always create a rare painted item. Both the Tier 1 and the Tier 2 & 3 (combined) versions of the chests can be found in the Premium section.

April 10th 2012

• Activated Event Mode on our gameservers (excluding lobby). 30% more cash will be given out!
• Random gifts spawn on the map every 1-3 minutes. This random delay decreases the more players are on the server. The gifts contain random items from the drop system, but also Legendary Locked Chests.
• The Legendary Locked Chests contain painted hats and attachments. The item can be rare. These chests will disappear on Monday 16th, when the Easter Event ends, so make sure you open them by then.
• Regular chests can also give painted hats now, if the item has painted variations.
• New as of 10/04/2012: The gifts on servers now have a 1% chance to drop an incredibly uncommon painted item. The item itself cannot be purchased or acquired after the Easter Event, so act fast and grab as many gifts as you can!
• The Inventory Expander now gives the user 30 extra spaces instead of 15. The price remains the same (1 gold bar)
• Added 2 new dodgeball flamethrower attributes (Stun & Damage Reduction).
• Fixed a major issue with item management resulting in lost items.
• The forum item tags now display paint variations and rare effects.

March 29th 2012

• Added 2 new hats: Hotdog Hat and the Terracotta Pot
• Added 1 new attachment: Mapper's Medal. This item is given to community members that have helped us out by providing maps.
• Added 1 new special item: Inventory Expander. This premium item will increase your inventory by 15 spaces (1 page) when used.
• Added 1 new key: Lockpick. This item has a 50% chance of opening any Series 1-5 or Mysterious Chest. If you succeed, you will receive an item from the chest. If it fails, the chest will disappear but the
 broken lockpick will turn into a key fragment.

March 3rd 2012

• Added 3 new attachments: Santa Beard, Holiday Antlers and the Guitar
• Added 1 new hat: Capo's Capper
• Increased chances for rare items from crates (1.81% -> 2.22%)
• Fixed a minor glitch with item drops.

February 23rd 2012

• Added new crafting recipes
• Added VIP features for our new donator memberships
• Added new items: the Mysterious Chest and the Bundle of Chests

February 13th 2012

• Redesigned the different shop pages to display more items at once; you shouldn't have to browse dozens of pages to find an item you like anymore. Thanks to Pridit for helping me out.
• Created separate pages for Premium & Special items.
• Created a separate page for crafting recipes.
• Added a notice to the crafting recipes page to explain combo-item recipes.
• Added 3 more community-created items; Big Chief, Buccaneer's Bicorne and Conquistador

February 10th 2012

• Added the restriction system: This will allow us to specifically punish those people that do not like to play by the rules, grief / exploit, spam or are simply making it difficult for other people to enjoy
 their stay on our servers.
• A list of all punishments / restrictions will be posted soon

Smash & Slope

• Added a new scoreboard by Stebbzor. This is still a work in progress and more information (stats) will be displayed in each player's drop-down list

February 4th 2012

• Fixed up some effects on rare items
• Added 1 community item: The Wizard Hat
• Added 1 item: The Killer's Kabuto

January 31st 2012

• Added re-roll crafting recipe for flamethrowers
• Dodgeball statistics are now logged (Wins, Losses, Kills, Deaths)
• Implemented Item Database[1] (click)
• Implemented Player Statistics[2] (click)
• Added 1 new community item: Smoker's Pleasure


• Added a new map: db_stadium
• Added 11 achievements
• Changed some aspects of the "Razor"-flamethrower
• Added a 33% chance to hurt an enemy player when you airblast them
• Airblast-force increased to 550 (from 400)
• Improved rocket trajectory when near player

List of all updates/revisions until November 4th 2011: http://moronyard.com/nonDB_changelog.txt