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Slope is one of the three gamemodes which is created and run by MoronYard. If you are looking to make money then it would probably be the best gamemode for you to play. However, it's highly discouraged to trade on Slope as it is very fast paced, and isn't very highly respected if you delay rounds.

How to play

Rounds: All players spawn at the bottom of a slope the objective being to survive the endless barrage of props falling from the top and get to the top before any other player.

Time trial: Much like in Rounds all players spawn at the bottom of a slope and have to survive the props falling towards them. However when a player gets to the top he/she will set a time all the other players have to try to beat within the 20 minuet time before map change but don't worry if you cant beat the highest time there are 4 positions on the current map times to grab for yourself. Each position gives a different reward.


Time trial:

  • Players that get the fastest time on time trial have the chance to receive either a Robo Key, Paint Remover, Name Tag, Arcane Shard or a Dust.
  • For getting the second fastest time you will receive 200k, a Robo Key, or a Key Fragment.
  • For the third fastest time you will receive 200k.
  • For the fourth you will receive 100k.
  • And for last place you will receive 50k.

For getting to the top you receive some cash, the cash you receive is reduced from the amount you receive on rounds.


  • Depending on the map you will receive a different amount of cash upon completion of the map.


Can you get cash by playing Slope?

Yes, you will receive a certain amount of cash determined by the amount of progress you make up the hill. The further progress you make, the more cash you will receive.

I got hit by nothing and died, why?

A lot of factors could contribute to this, you may be experiencing lag and were unable to see the prop that collided with you or the hitbox of the prop collided with you. Each prop has a hitbox (basically an invisible border outside of the dimensions of the prop) so if the model itself didn't hit you but came close and you still got hit it then it was due to the hitbox.

What is the holy prop?

The holy prop is a small prop that has the sunbeams effect on it, it is a very rare occurrence, and you'll get the Holy Prop award. if you are hit by it. See Holy Prop for more information.


You can obtain awards by doing certain things on the servers, currently you will receive coins for achieving these, aswell as this you will have the satisfaction of knowing you have something which someone else doesn't. Some items do require you to receive an award before you can wear them, but you are still able to find, craft and trade them!


Get hit by a prop, survive with less than 10hp and win the round!

+10% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item

Surfin' Derp

Land on a prop and surf it down the hill for a few seconds!

+5% Extra Cash Earned

King Of The Hill

Win 5 rounds without dying, while there are at least 5 people playing!

+5% Extra Cash Earned

Ascent Of The Turtle

Win a round only by crouching!

No Reward

Slope Novice

Win a total of 25 rounds!

+5% Better Chance of Getting Painted Item

Slope Veteran

Win a total of 100 rounds!

+5% Higher Drop Rate for Keys

Slope Hero

Win a total of 500 rounds!

+5% Better Chance of Getting Rare Item

Slope Titan

Win a total of 1,500 rounds!

+10% Better Chance of Getting Magic Item

Slope Legend

Win a total of 5,000 rounds!

+2 Extra Items per Day

Never Stop Trying

Die 1,000 times.

+5% Better Chance of Getting Painted Item

Keep Going!

Die 5,000 times.

+5% Higher Drop Rate for Keys

Exhausted Yet?

Die 10,000 times.

+5% Extra Cash Earned

Holy Prop!

Get hit by a holy prop!

+15% Better Chance of Getting Relic


Coming Soon