Robo Key

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Robo Key
Robo Key
Opens the Robo Crate.
Item Stats
Type Key
Description Opens the Robo Crate.
Quality Special
Cost N/A
Craftable Yes
Randomly Drops No
Rare counterpart No
Item Code robokey

The Robo Key is a special of type of key which can only be used to open a Robo Crate. It was released in September 2013 which was a lot later than the Robo Crate was added to the game. Currently it's the only item to have a time restriction based on when it can and can't be crafted - this item can only be crafted while the Multiplier Madness is active.


  • Drops
  • Climb
  • Trading
  • Gifts
  • Crafting - during multiplier madness only
  • Premium Store

Update history

Robo Event, September 2013

  • The Robo Key was added to the game.