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The Robo Event was added in September 2013 and included a new Robo Key, Robo Crate, Chat Tags, new hats and attachments, along with some new Rare Effects. Robo Keys can only be crafted during a Multiplier Madness, which lasts for 1 minute and happens randomly. They can also be purchased in a bundle from the Premium Store, which gives 8 Robo Keys per Gold Bar. The Robo Crates can be found from drops, gifts and through other players. All the new effects added in the Robo Event were Tier 1 Effects, and can be found on any items, not just event items. The event also added 6 new Chat Tags: 'Tree', 'NEW!', 'Marketplace', 'Robot', 'Auction' and 'Gem'.

Related Items

Robo Key
Opens the Robo Crate.
Robo Crate
010100110111000001100101011000110 110100101100001011011000010000001 101001011101000110010101101101011 100110010110000100000011101000110 111100100000011101000111001001100 001011001000110010100100000011000 010110111001100100001000000
Robo Key Robo Crate

Update history

Robo Event, September 2013

  • The Robo Event was added to the game.