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Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 requires you to climb up the large tower of inclines. It may look easy but there is an applied force to all of the objects which slowly push you off. Have fun!

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2, the maze, is an eyesore. With black and white decorating the walls, it is easy to get lost in the maze. Perseverance prevails! Good luck!

Puzzle 3

Leap your way across multiple spinning and moving platforms until you reach the end.

Puzzle 4

To complete puzzle 4, use crates to climp up to the top. Make sure to bring plenty of crates so you don't get stuck. Having a friend to throw boxes to you is helpful.

Puzzle 5

In 5 you cannot walk on the watery platforms but you can place bricks on them. There are two ways to complete it.

1. Make a staircase of bricks onto each platform until you make it to the top.

2. Take a few bricks with you and gravity gun jump onto each platform when a brick is on it.

Puzzle 6

Cranes. Establish bridges for players by sifting them out of the water with a crane. After 3 bridges are formed, let some players get in a crate and bring them up to the portal.

Puzzle 7

It's airboat time! Grab an airboat and time your jumps on the ramps. There are no checkpoints so do not fall! Make sure to fully back up fully on the second to last jump. You will not otherwise make it!

Puzzle 8

To complete puzzle 8, either b-hop to the end or take your time on each platform. Be careful though, the platforms spin on contact.

Puzzle 9

Entrance.jpg Staircase.jpg 2Box.jpg

This puzzle is about prop jumping. To spawn boxes, you will have to press E on the control panel. If a player manages to reach the top of a wall, a ladder will appear, allowing players to easily climb up. This only applies to a few of the walls in this level.

  1. There are a couple methods to do this puzzle. One method, is the staircase. This one takes the least skill, since if you fall, you can easily get back up. For this method, you must place the boxes one by one so that you can jump up from one box to the next.
  2. The next method is a bit more risky because if you fall, you will have to start over from the last control panel. To do this, you only need two boxes. You begin by placing a box on the ground, then grabbing the other box, and placing it slightly higher and to the side of the first box. You then climb to the second box, bring the first box up a bit higher, and jump to that one. You can continue jumping to the higher box, and raising the other until you reach the top of each wall.

Puzzle 10

Puzzle 10 is confusing for many people. It is an inverted puzzle. The begining is simple enough where you just have to walk along the path. Eventually it gets much harder and you have to complete a short inverted parkour to reach the end! Good luck.

Tip: Flip around your mouse. It may be awkward to hold, but it makes the inversion go away.

Puzzle 11

Puzzle 11 can be a challenge. Grab a Pulse-Rifle, Combine Balls, and a tire. Position the tire in the direct center of the room. Shoot a Combine Ball out of your Pulse-Rifle at the wall. When it comes back, catch it with your gravity gun and shoot it at the tire while standing on it. If you are lucky, you will launch into the sky towards the portal. Do not be discouraged if you fail a few times.

Puzzle 12

All you have to do in puzzle 12 is grab some props (perferably long ones) and reach the end by making a long bridge or by using 2. The end is located at the top in the far back.