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Puzzle 1

Map8puzzle1.jpg Map8puzzle1 2.jpg

Too much fog! Walk along the narrow path to get to the top. If you're careful, it shouldn't be too hard. However, if you fall, you might fall all the way back to the bottom.

Puzzle 2

Map8puzzle2.jpg Map8puzzle2 2.jpg

To get to the end, you must use the barrels to climb up. It's not as easy as climbing the staircase, though. Only barrels can stay on the staircase. If you try to stand on it, you'll just fall through.

Puzzle 3

Map8puzzle3.jpg Map8puzzle3 2.jpg

Another staircase! Press the button at the bottom to spawn a tire. It will fall, and you must catch it with your gravity gun. To climb this staircase, you can place the tire under you, and shoot it with your gravity gun while jumping. Make sure to throw tires on each of the sections because you will eventually not be able to bring up tires with your gravity gun. If this doesn't work, you could make a staircase out of tires...

Puzzle 4

Map8puzzle4.jpg Map8puzzle4 2.jpg

Transparent ramp! For this puzzle, you can't quite walk on the ramp, so you have to place barrels on the ramp to climb up. Once you get to the top of the ramp, it is flat, so the rest of the puzzle is much easier. An alternative method is making a staircase out off barrels on the side of the ramp.

Puzzle 5

Map8puzzle5.jpg Map8puzzle5 2.jpg

To open the end of the maze, you must lead antlions to the five different colored walls. Once you have led one antlion to each of the walls, the door to the end will be open.

Puzzle 6

Map8puzzle6.jpg Map8puzzle6 2.jpg

Cranes! Lift players up in the crates using the cranes. You may need quite a few players to get to the top since you will need at least one player per crane. Once you get to the top, go into the house and grab a crowbar. Using the crowbar, continuously hit the floor in the bathroom. Once the floor is broken, you will be able to jump down the hole and finish the puzzle.

Puzzle 7

Map8start7.jpeg Map8puzzle7.jpeg

In 7 you must make a ramp down with the platforms provided. Once the ramp is complete, push the ball down the ramp into the hole. Making the ramp on the edge of the wall is recommended.

Puzzle 8

Puzzle8start.jpeg Map8puzzle8.jpeg

For puzzle 8, push one of the balls with your gravity gun onto the invisible plane. The ball's trail will show you where you can walk. If you do not follow the trail, you will fall to your doom. DO NOT hit the reset button while other players are doing it.

Puzzle 9

Map8start9.jpg Map8puzzle9pt1.jpeg Map8puzzle9pt2.jpeg

To beat puzzle 9 you must first kill all 3 Antlion guards. Picking up armor at the starting ledge is recommended. You may use crowbars or lure them into the explosive barrels to get the job done. When all have been dispatched you may proceed and fight normal antlions. Once all are killed you can go through the portal.

Puzzle 10

Map8start10.jpeg Map8puzzle10.jpeg

To complete map 10, you must parkour onto the platforms. Some parts of the ground will kill you while some are forgiving and will let you live. Once finished with the parkour, simply run to the other side and go through the portal.

Puzzle 11

Map8start11.jpeg Map8puzzle11pt1.jpeg 2015-08-12 00011.jpg

Puzzle 11 starts out as a maze. It has a ton of fog which makes it very hard to see. Once you reach the center of the maze, climb up the short pillar. Work your way up by crouch jumping on each pillar. The fog makes it really hard to see once high up so be careful!

Puzzle 12


To complete puzzle 12, enter an airboat and slowly proceed up the water path.

Puzzle 13

Map8puzzle13.jpg Map8puzzle13 2.jpg

Puzzle 13 is unlocked only after all 12 other puzzles are finished. Jump across the pillars and press the button at the end to open the door. To get across the water, get into one of the boats and begin to shoot the front of the boat with your gravity gun. The water slowly pushes you backwards, so if you stop shooting, you will begin to go backwards.