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Puzzle 1

Map7Puzzle1Entrance.jpg Map7Puzzle1Start.jpg Map7Puzzle1Path.jpg

When first entering puzzle 1, it appears to be an empty room. However, if you head to the center of the room and turn on your flashlight, you will see shadows. You must use the shadows to tell where the invisible pathway is.

Puzzle 2

Map7Puzzle2Entrance.jpg Map7Puzzle2Stairs.jpg Map7PuzzleFull.jpg

In this puzzle, you must make a stairway out of the tower of blocks. To make the stairway, you must break some of the blocks of the tower, so that you can climb up. Be careful! If you break a block that you didn't want to, you have to reset the whole tower!

Puzzle 3

Map7Puzzle3Entrance.jpg Map7Puzzle3Start.jpg

This map seems quite easy just by looking at it, but for most players, it's quite challenging! To get to the end of this puzzle, you must continuously move forward by timing your jumping just right. If you can't time the jumps just right, you'll fall and have to start over.

Puzzle 4

Map7puzzle4.png Map7puzzle4 1.png

This is a parkour puzzle where all you have to do is reach the top of the map! Simple!

(lots of players are experiencing broken textures - if you know how to fix them, please tell us!)

Puzzle 5

Map7puzzle5.png Map7puzzle5 2.png

Puzzle 6

Puzzle 7

Puzzle 8

Puzzle 9

Puzzle 10

Puzzle 11

Map7puzzle11.png Map7puzzle11 2.png

This puzzle is a maze that has an Egyptian style. It is very dark inside so using you flash light (F) is recommended!

Puzzle 12