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Puzzle 1

Map6Puzzle1Entrance.jpg Map6Puzzle1View.jpg Map6Puzzle1View2.jpg

Puzzle 1 is a classic platform build-to-the-end puzzle. The control panel at the beginning spawns new platforms. Play by yourself or with a group of friends!

Puzzle 2

Map6Puzzle2Entrance.jpg Map6Puzzle2View.jpg Map6Puzzle2View2.jpg

Puzzle 2 is an invisible maze of death! Take one wrong move and you could end up back at spawn! Use the control panel at the beginning to spawn cinder blocks. The cinder blocks can help tell you which panels are correct by dropping them. If the cinder block shakes and moves on a given panel, you will die if you step on that panel. If the brick remains motionless, then it is safe. Going Hansel & Gretel style may be your best bet!

Puzzle 3

Map6Puzzle3Entrance.jpg Map6Puzzle3View.jpg

Puzzle 3 is a destruction/drowning puzzle. Currently only SLAM's spawn on this puzzle, but it can only be done with a crowbar. Luckily there is a crowbar in another puzzle you can bring to this one if you can beat it. Use your crowbar to attack the floors and walls in the underwater passageways. Make sure to come up for air often, or you will die!

Puzzle 4

Map6Puzzle4Entrance.jpg Map6puzzle4.jpeg

Simply Leap onto the moving platforms to get to the end. Easy right?

Puzzle 5

Map6Puzzle5Entrance.jpg Map6puzzle5.jpeg

To beat puzzle 5, you must swim up the water pillar to the top. There are many twists and turns! Good luck.

Puzzle 6


Puzzle 6 is a maze that consists of three floors. The first floor, you must make it to the ladder. The second floor you must proceed to the hole in the ceiling with a red light. Use the prop to gravity gun jump into the hole. From there, get a crowbar and break glass throughout the maze to the end.

Puzzle 7


For the first part of 7, you must use 2 barrels to make a path to the half way point. From there you need to use the single barrel and smack it with your crowbar until you slowly get to the end.

Puzzle 8


To complete puzzle 8, you must get a ball in each of the 4 colored holes in the ramps. This is not so easy due to the moving parts on the ramps.

Puzzle 9


For puzzle 9 you need to use the wooden props to make ramps to the top. You can either take 2 or make the entire ramp to the top.

Puzzle 10


Puzzle 10 is a challenge. First use you must use your crowbar to get to the ball spawner. If your crowbar makes a mark on the ground, DO NOT go there or it will kill you. Once you get to the ball spawner, lead the ball down a different path to the end.

Puzzle 11


11 is fun! You need to jump onto the platforms to reach the end. Beware the falling rocks everywhere. Shooting the rocks with your gravity gun may help you avoid death.

Puzzle 12

Map6puzzle12.jpg Map6puzzle12 2.jpg

Puzzle 12 is only able to be opened once all of the other puzzles are complete. To get to the end of 12, you must ride the airboat past all of the explosive barrels, and over all the ramps. Be careful, though. Part of the puzzle is very dark, so it is hard to see where the barrels are.