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Puzzle 1

Map5puzzle1.png Map5puzzle1 2.png Map5puzzle1 3.png

This puzzle requires the player to reach the top of the tower by using doors. Two methods to do this are:

  • Get two doors and use them to get your self higher (only 1 person at a time)
  • make a walkway up so that other players can help you progress

Puzzle 2

Map5puzzle2.png Map5puzzle2 2.png Map5puzzle2 3.png Map5puzzle2 4.png

This puzzle is formed of 3 stages:

  1. The first layer the players can only walk on certain blocks or they will be teleported back to the start. (we're not going to show you the path, however much you beg)
  2. This layer is in the dark, so press F to turn on your flash light. Then attempt it in the same way as you did for the first.
  3. This layer has two different routes. This is the last path you'll have to complete to finish this puzzle!

Puzzle 3

Map5puzzle3.jpg Map5puzzle3 2.jpg

To get across the water, you need to make a path out of the purple balls. Piece of cake.

Puzzle 4

Map5puzzle4.png Map5puzzle4 2.png Map5puzzle4 3.png

On this map you will need to use your Gravity Gun to push the balls into the holes. Easy! (super sarcasm)

Puzzle 5

Map5puzzle5.jpg Map5puzzle5 2.jpg

Balloons! Climb the ropes of the balloons and jump from balloon to balloon to get to the end. On the moving balloons, you must walk in the direction they are moving to stay holding on to them. Careful not to fall!

Puzzle 6

Map5puzzle6.jpg Map5puzzle6 2.jpg

Invisible stairs. Use the barrels to climb the invisible stairs.

Puzzle 7

Map5puzzle7.jpg Map5puzzle7 2.jpg

Empty room, right? Wrong. Hit at the ground to find out whether you can walk there or not. If you hear a hitting noise, walk forward. If there's a platform there, it will appear when you walk onto it. Part 2 is trial and error.

Puzzle 8

Map5puzzle8.png Map5puzzle8 2.png

This puzzle essentially a parkour map where all you have to do is get to the end. You will encounter plenty of spinning and moving platforms along the way!

Puzzle 9

Map5puzzle9.jpg Map5puzzle9 2.jpg

A straight path. Easy enough, right? Not quite... When you are standing on the left side of the ramp, it throws you to the right. If you're standing on the right, it throws you left. Have fun trying to stay on!

Puzzle 10

Map5puzzle10.jpg Map5puzzle10 2.jpg

Invisible path! Can't see it? use your flashlight (F)! Climb all the way to the top. About half way up, the path will be flashing, so you may take a bit longer.

Puzzle 11

Map5puzzle11.png Map5puzzle11 2.png

BasketBall! Everyone loves BasketBall! Simply shoot the balls in to the hoops. You'll know when you score...

Puzzle 12

Map 5 Puzzle 12.jpg

This puzzle has 2 parts! In the first part, simply jump and run your way to the northeast corner of the platform. Then, turn on your flashlight to see the path as you continue your trek to the exit at the northeast corner!