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Puzzle 1

Map4Puzzle1Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle1View.jpg Map4Puzzle1View2.jpg Map4Puzzle1View3.jpg

In this puzzle, you will be challenged with using your gravity gun to place rocks in the air to traverse the cavern. There are 2 rock-spawners, and the finish is up in the ceiling after you reach the second rock-spawner.

Puzzle 2

Map4Puzzle2Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle2View.jpg Map4Puzzle2View2.jpg

Puzzle 2 is another build puzzle, however there are multiple stages of props you will use. Right click with your gravity gun to pull the prop towards you out of the sky, and work your way to the end.

Puzzle 3

Map4puzzle3.jpg Map4puzzle3 2.jpg Map4puzzle3 3.jpg

Invisible maze! When you enter the puzzle, it may just look like an empty pit. However, if you turn on your flashlight, you will be able to see a bit of a path. Be careful when on the path because it slowly tries to push you to the right.

Puzzle 4

Map4Puzzle4Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle4View.jpg

Don't have a seizure as you find the breakable glass walls in this animated maze. Use your crowbar to find the glass walls, and break them to open new paths.

Puzzle 5

Map4Puzzle5Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle5View.jpg Map4Puzzle5View2.jpg

This puzzle is comprised of three stages. 1. Use your gravity gun to shoot the balls through each colored hoop within range to make colored platforms appear. 2. Grab some grenades from the box, and start throwing them at the center of the quickly moving, wide-centered hoop to make stairs appear. 3. Equip your crossbow and shoot through the remaining targets to make the last platforms to the goal appear.

Puzzle 6

Map4Puzzle6Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle6View.jpg

Use your gravity gun to roll the heavy balls up the ramps to each colored goal. This puzzle looks easy but can take lots of tries to beat!

Puzzle 7

Map4Puzzle7Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle7View.jpg

It's time to go fishing! Get in the first crane to find bridge pieces or containers underwater. Use them to make your way across the water. Then get a few people over and try and crane them up to the finish.

Puzzle 8

Map4Puzzle8Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle8View.jpg

There are two ways to get to the top in this puzzle. The recommended method would be to grab a cinder block and place it against the wall where you are trying to get up. Stand on the cinder block, and shoot it with your grav gun (jumping may help but can cause you to take damage) to get launcher skyward. Bring your block with you as you go up each level. Otherwise, you could spend a long time and pick up blocks and build stairs to each successive level. This method is not recommended.

Puzzle 9

Map4Puzzle9Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle9View.jpg Map4Puzzle9View2.jpg

There are two stages to this map. Stage one can be done one of two ways: 1. Build to the upper level with the "ice cubes" provided. 2. Stack just the two larger ice cubes slightly off center. Have a buddy crouch under the platform that you stand on, and have him shoot you upwards multiple times to push you onto the ledge. Once you are on the ledge, jump into the steam to launch towards the goal high in the sky!

Puzzle 10

Map4Puzzle10Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle10View.jpg Map4Puzzle10View2.jpg

Puzzle 10 is a build to the end type of maze with a twist: you can't see the floor with your flashlight off, and you can never stand on it. However, you can spawn cinder blocks that can sit on the floor, which you can then walk on. Getting to the end can take some time, it is recommended to bring a small bundle of bricks with you instead of building one long path from the start.

Puzzle 11

Map4Puzzle11Entrance.jpg Map4Puzzle11View.jpg

Puzzle 11 is a large maze puzzle. The walls are only visible with your flashlight on, and flicker regularly to make the puzzle even harder.

Puzzle 12


Airboat time! Grab an airboat and try to find the correct path. Avoid hitting explosive barrels too fast with your airboat because you know... They go boom boom.