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Puzzle 1

Map2puzzle1.jpg Map2puzzle1 2.jpg Map2puzzle1 3.jpg

Puzzle 1 is a prop climbing puzzle. To get to the top you use the box or platforms from the prop spawners. However, there's a trick to this puzzle. If you press E on the back of the spawner, a giant tube of water will come out from the ground, which you can use to climb to the top. If the water is not used, this puzzle can take quite a while to finish.

Puzzle 2

Map2puzzle2.jpg Map2puzzle2 2.jpg Map2puzzle2 3.jpg

For puzzle 2, you must launch yourself using a pulse rifle. Before you begin, you should get a pulse rifle, some combine balls, and shield. Now, you can set up the catapult by putting a ladder or wooden board on the wooden cylinder. To launch yourself to the higher level, you must shoot a combine ball at the wall, grab it with your gravity gun, stand on the catapult, and shoot the ball at the other side of the catapult.

Puzzle 3

Map2puzzle3.jpg Map2puzzle3 2.jpg

Puzzle 3 is a surf puzzle. You can't skip from the top to the bottom, so to go through the path, you must hold D/\A depending on which side of the ramp you are on.

Puzzle 4

Map2puzzle4.jpg Map2puzzle4 2.jpg

Grenades! Throw grenades into the holes to cause platforms to appear. If you happen to throw a grenade in a hole that you already got, it will make the platform disappear. You have been warned!

Puzzle 5

Map2puzzle5.jpg Map2puzzle5 2.jpg

Puzzle 5 is one of the more simple puzzles. Jump across the platforms quickly enough, so that you don't explode!

Puzzle 6

Map2puzzle6.jpg Map2puzzle6 2.jpg Map2puzzle6 3.jpg

This puzzle is a short obstacle course. You must cross the spinning platforms. Once to the black and grey platforms, you must touch the grey platforms to make them lower. Sometimes, you will need to touch it, then wait for it to come back up so that you can be raised high enough.

Puzzle 7

Map2puzzle7.jpg Map2puzzle7 2.jpg

Slope? Not exactly. In this puzzle, you must run past the rocks, dodging them as they come at you. They are flying quite fast, so if you get hit, there's a good chance you won't survive. Your gravity gun can be useful here and push smaller rocks out of the way.

Puzzle 8

Map2puzzle8.jpg Map2puzzle8 2.jpg Map2puzzle8 3.jpg

Puzzle 8 can only be opened once all other puzzles are completed. It's a maze with walls made of red lasers. You won't die if you touch the walls. The red see-through walls are just there to make the puzzle more confusing.