Puzzles map 17

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Puzzle 1

Map17puzzle1.png Map17puzzle1 2.png

Use your Gravity Gun to shoot the balls into the "hoops" to unlock the exit! Easy!

Puzzle 2

Map17puzzle2.jpg Map17puzzle2 2.jpg Map17puzzle2 3.jpg

Puzzle 2 is done by jumping on the platform near the start, then going across the top. Make sure not to crouch. If you do, you will fall into the lava below. If you begin to go too fast, you should tap S to slow yourself down.

Puzzle 3

Puzzle 4

Map17puzzle4.png Map17puzzle4 2.png

Mario! Sprint jump and crouch jump your way across the platforms to get to the end! Be careful, they move up and down and you don't want to get caught in the lava! There are certain points on which you can stand to avoid the lava and make it to the end.

Puzzle 5

Puzzle 6

Map17puzzle6.png Map17puzzle6 2.png

Shoot the discs into the walls and then use them to climb to the top! Don't aim them at team mates ... that's dangerous!

Puzzle 7

Map17puzzle7.png Map17puzzle7 2.pngMap17puzzle7 3.png

This puzzles requires doors and lots of them! Climb to the to top the building and then cross over the rooftops to reach the end. There are door spawns on the floor, and on the first roof!

Puzzle 8

Puzzle 9

Map17puzzle9.png Map17puzzle9 2.png

Use your Gravity Gun to shoot the balls over the barrier and into the holes at the bottom. You have to get balls in the coloured holes, and a beam of light will appear once you have. Once you get all the beams of light you can reach the exit!

Puzzle 10

Puzzle 11

Puzzle 12

Puzzle 13