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Puzzle 1

Map16puzzle1.jpg Map16puzzle1 2.jpg

In puzzle 1, you must lead headcrabs through an invisible maze. If you can get one to the glowing vortex, the end will open up!

Puzzle 2

Map16puzzle2.jpg Map16puzzle2 2.jpg Map16puzzle2 3.jpg

If you want to beat puzzle 2, you must not touch the glowing ceilings or the red laser beams. Throughout this puzzle, you will be bounced upwards whenever you touch the ground. To stop yourself from hitting the roof, you must use the platforms.

Puzzle 3

Map16puzzle3.jpg Map16puzzle3 2.jpg

To begin, you must press the button that spawns the roller mines. Once you have one spawned, you need to kick it into one of the holes. To finish this puzzle, you must kick one roller mine into each of the holes. That's not even the end, though. Once you've completed all 8 holes, you must go to the next section and kick roller mines into the 4 holes.

Puzzle 4

Map16puzzle4.jpg Map16puzzle4 2.jpg

In puzzle 4, you need to run down the underground road, dodging cards. However, it's not that simple. Sometimes there will be 2 cars that you can't dodge, so you must run to the side until there's another opening.

Puzzle 5

Map16puzzle5.jpg Map16puzzle5 2.jpg Map16puzzle5 3.jpg

Airboats! For this puzzle, you must drive your airboat on the path all the way to the end. Be careful! If you happen to fall off the path, you will be killed.

Puzzle 6

Map16puzzle6.jpg Map16puzzle6 4.jpg Map16puzzle6 5.jpg

To get to the end of puzzle 6, use boxes to climb to the top of each of the five sections. Once all of the numbers above each section are green, use the boxes to climb into the box with the orb.

Puzzle 7

Map16puzzle7.jpg Map16puzzle7 2.jpg Map16puzzle7 3.jpg

To finish this puzzle, you must go to the end of it, and use your gravity gun to bring rings back to the start. You must drag the rings along the pole on the ceiling. There are four different rings that you must do, so this puzzle often takes some time to complete.

Puzzle 8

Map16puzzle8.jpg Map16puzzle8 2.jpg

Another prop climbing puzzle! To get to the end of this one, you must use the doors to climb all the way to the orb. It may be hard to see from the start, but as you climb forwards and upwards, you will slowly be able to see it more clearly.

Puzzle 9

Map16puzzle9.jpg Map16puzzle9 2.jpg

Puzzle 9 is a maze. It's not just a normal maze, though. If you choose the wrong way, you die. It's recommended to write down the path so that you don't make the same mistakes over and over again.

Puzzle 10

Map16puzzle10.jpg Map16puzzle10 2.jpg

To complete puzzle 10, you must shoot the spheres that look like earths to find a path. The balls will leave a trail, so if you fall off, you will be able to climb back to where you died at. All you have to do is follow the balls. Where the balls can go, you can go!

Puzzle 11

Map16puzzle11 4.jpg Map16puzzle11 2.jpg Map16puzzle11 3.jpg

To get through the levels of puzzle 11, you must use the tires, pulse rifle, and combine balls to catapult yourself through the holes in the ceiling. Once you get to the top level, you have to get to the highest platform. At first, this may seem quite difficult. However, if you go over and press your use button on the orange armor, the gravity will be reduced, making it much easier to get all the way to the top.

Puzzle 12

Map16puzzle12.jpg Map16puzzle12 2.jpg

For puzzle 12, you must hit the blocks with your crowbar, as you jump. If you can time it right, you will be launched into the air. It can be quite difficult for some players, but if you keep trying, you will beat the puzzle in no time!