Puzzles map 14

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Puzzle 1

Puzzle 1 is a nightmare. You must kick roller mines into the 8 holes for the end to open up. Sadly it frequently breaks and cannot completed due to roller mines no longer spawing. It is unknown how it breaks, but is rumored to break from spamming the button.

Puzzle 2

Puzzle 2 wants you to use glass shields to protect yourself from the vortigaunt blasts. However, it is very simple to just run past all of them for an easy win.

Puzzle 3

Airboat time! This one can be hard for many. Just take your airboat down the path to the end. Do not try to skip the path or it will quickly kill you. After the 2 spinny platforms are complete, the rest is smooth sailing. At the end press the button before going into the door. With the button pressed, the metal door to the portal will open.

Puzzle 4

Puzzle 4 first requries you to proceed past rolling balls. The balls come in sets of 3 so time accordingly. After the ball part there is a decently simple parkour section to the end.

Puzzle 5

To beat puzzle 5 you need to dig the graves with your crowbar. In five graves, there are doors which break the glass blocking the exit. Once all doors are passed through, the end will open up.

Note: Many players are known to dig the first layer only. There are multiple layers to dig if you want to find a door.

Puzzle 6

Balloon fun! Jump onto the strings of the balloons that act as ladders. Climb to the top of each and jump to the next. At the end there are 3 spinning balloons that can't be grabbed onto. Jump off the platforms and finally to the last balloon. Careful though, the last balloon will not automatically let you ride up it. You must press your use key to climb it.

Puzzle 7

Leap on the many pillars to get to the end. Careful, the pillars move around in the water when jumped upon. DO NOT press the reset button while another player is attempting it.

Puzzle 8

Use the bricks to jump up each of the 4 wooden towers. You pass through the towers but the bricks do not. Gravity gun jumping is helpful and less tedious. Each tower will turn green when complete.

Puzzle 9

Shoot the combine balls with your gravity gun into each of the red squares. Once a square is done, it will turn black and the corresponding color will form a platform. Once all 4 platforms are made, you can jump across to the end.

Puzzle 10

Place boxes in the air until pillars spawn in. Leave your crate on each or it can despawn the pillar. Work your way to the end portal.

Puzzle 11

Puzzle 11 is a fun one! The strips carry you forward. B-hop on the strips to gain speed and hit the little ramp on the end of a strip to launch up. Repeat to the top.

Puzzle 12

Puzzle 12 can be a pain. Turn the suspended crates with your gravity gun so you can jump in each one.