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Puzzle 1

Map13puzzle1.png Map13puzzle1 2.png Map13puzzle1 3.png

In this puzzle you have to shoot the ball up towards the giant white boxes and let them roll down and go through the gate at the bottom. This requires precise timing and can be done easily with multiple players trying. A completed one is marked by a red X in the white box. In the second section of this puzzle, you must shoot the balls into each of the holes.

Puzzle 2

Map13puzzle2.png Map13puzzle2 2.png

This map has a series of doorways which you have to progress through. Some doorways will lead to death and you have to find the right path!

Puzzle 3

Map13puzzle3.png Map13puzzle3 2.png

Remote control cars! Walk up to one of the controls and then use W A S and D to control your car! It is recommended to use your zoom key to have better depth perception. You only need to get ONE car to the end to complete this puzzle.

Puzzle 4

Map13puzzle4.png Map13puzzle4 2.png

Use your Gravity Gun and cubes to make your way to the end of the puzzle, its a simple as that!

Puzzle 5

Map13puzzle5.jpg Map13puzzle5 2.jpg

Puzzle 5 is essentially an obstacle course made up of spinning platforms. Keep jumping from platform to platform until you get to the end!

Puzzle 6

Map13puzzle6.jpg Map13puzzle6 2.jpg

For puzzle 6, you need to ride the barrels along the path of water. Be careful. If you stray too far from the path, you will fall!

Puzzle 7

Map13puzzle7.jpg Map13puzzle7 2.jpg Map13puzzle7 3.jpg

To get to the end of puzzle 7, you need to build across each room by using the doors that are given. It often takes a while to complete this puzzle because of how long it is.

Puzzle 8

Map13puzzle8.jpg Map13puzzle8 2.jpg

Puzzle 8 is done by pulling out the wood planks. You need to keep pulling out planks so that you can get higher and higher.

Puzzle 9

Map13puzzle9.jpg Map13puzzle9 2.jpg

To get to the end of this puzzle, you must run from platform to platform while avoiding the white balls. Occasionally you will see a white ball come out of the wall. Be careful! If you touch a white ball, you will instantly die.

Puzzle 10

Map13puzzle10.jpg Map13puzzle10 2.jpg

To get to the end, you will need three people. You need to have one person on each color and as you jump to platforms farther ahead, more platforms will appear for the other players. Once the person on red gets to the small room, they will need to take the crowbar and repeatedly hit the blue button. Once the button breaks, a yellow path will appear and you can use your flashlight (F) to jump across the invisible platforms to the end.

Puzzle 11

Map13puzzle11.jpg Map13puzzle11 2.jpg

Grenade jumping! drop a grenade on the ground with right click, and jump in the air when it's about to explode. If you can time it right, you'll make it across the gap!

Puzzle 12

Map13puzzle12.jpg Map13puzzle12 2.jpg

To get to the end of puzzle 12, you must go through the airboat course. But before you can go through that, you must be lifted up by another player to the starting area. Once you get to the last room, you must get out of the airboat, swim up to the top of the water, and swim along the floating water path.