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Puzzle 1

Map12puzzle1.png Map12puzzle1 2.png

This Puzzle only requires one person and is completed by sliding down the ramp, and on to the next one. Easy? Not so much. To gain enough speed to get on to the next platform you need to slide down the edges of the ramp as they have less friction. Typically if you move off the snow/ice you will not make it.

Puzzle 2

Simply run off the inclined surfaces to get to the top. Eventually there are a few spinning platforms.

Puzzle 3

For puzzle 3 you need to take only 1 car to the end of the path. Once finished, the portal will open up for you.

Puzzle 4

Hit the floating and moving cubes with grenades to spawn ramps. Once all ramps are completed, you can head on to the portal.

Puzzle 5

For puzzle 5, make stairs to the top using tires. The tires are magnetic and stick to the wall allowing you to climb up. Good luck.

Puzzle 6

In puzzle 6 you must take climb to the top using the cubes. Don't fall!

Puzzle 7

To complete 7, you need to first find the correct path. If the tile you go on is not correct, you will fall normally to your death. If you pass the first part unscathed, you can proceed onto the parkour. Finish the rock parkour and you can jump into the skull and win.

Puzzle 8

Mario! Get to the end by jumping, climbing, and avoiding head humpers. Have fun.

Puzzle 9

Pick the correct path to get to the end. If you walk on a square that is not correct, it will kill you. Mark save tiles with your crowbar.

Puzzle 10

The traditional method is to place crates along the path to get to the end. If you land on the floor, it will not kill you but try and push you off. However, if you are a pro, you can try to parkour the whole thing. Good luck.

Puzzle 11

Airboats! Grab an airboat and ride to the top. There are ramps, spinning platforms, thin inclines, and even rounded platforms. Make sure to be top speed for many of these jumps.

Puzzle 12

Use your flashlight to see the platforms. Jump onto the platforms and get to the top!