Puzzles map 11

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Puzzle 1

Map11puzzle1.jpg Map11puzzle1 2.jpg

Parkour! Jump from platform to platform to get to the top. If you fall, try not to fall too far!

Puzzle 2

Map11puzzle2.jpg Map11puzzle2 2.jpg

To get to the top, throw your grenades into the holes. A completed hole will be marked by a platform above or below it. Once all platforms are present, jump from one platform to the next to get to the top.

Puzzle 3

Map11puzzle3.jpg Map11puzzle3 2.jpg Map11puzzle3 3.jpg

All you have to do for puzzle 3, is jump from one spinning cylinder to another. Easy!

Puzzle 4

Map11puzzle4.jpg Map11puzzle4 2.jpg

More parkour! Jump on each black platform. Be warned! If you step on the grey platform, it will pull you down!

Puzzle 5

Map11puzzle5.jpg Map11puzzle5 2.jpg

A spiral of water! Use the barrels to slowly move through the spiral of water. Be careful! The water is deadly...

Puzzle 6


Puzzle 7

Puzzle 8

Puzzle 9

Puzzle 10

Puzzle 11

Puzzle 12


<spoiler>Secret keypad! From spawn head into the shack by the campfire. To try press one of the numbers on the keypad, look at it and press E or your Use button. We would tell you the code, but that would be too easy. Can you figure it out?</spoiler>