Puzzles map 11

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Puzzle 1

Map11puzzle1.jpg Map11puzzle1 2.jpg

Parkour! Jump from platform to platform to get to the top. If you fall, try not to fall too far!

Puzzle 2

Map11puzzle2.jpg Map11puzzle2 2.jpg

To get to the top, throw your grenades into the holes. A completed hole will be marked by a platform above or below it. Once all platforms are present, jump from one platform to the next to get to the top.

Puzzle 3

Map11puzzle3.jpg Map11puzzle3 2.jpg Map11puzzle3 3.jpg

All you have to do for puzzle 3, is jump from one spinning cylinder to another. Easy!

Puzzle 4

Map11puzzle4.jpg Map11puzzle4 2.jpg

More parkour! Jump on each black platform. Be warned! If you step on the grey platform, it will pull you down!

Puzzle 5

Map11puzzle5.jpg Map11puzzle5 2.jpg

A spiral of water! Use the barrels to slowly move through the spiral of water. Be careful! The water is deadly...

Puzzle 6

Map11puzzle6.jpg Map11puzzle6 2.jpg

To get to the exit of 6, you must shoot the statues over the wall and make them land on the pedestals. The wall will only raise once all seven statues are on their pedestals.

Puzzle 7

Map11puzzle7.jpg Map11puzzle7 2.jpg

Just walk across the path, right? Not quite... If you attempt to walk on the path, you will fall through. You must use barrels to cross the path and get to the end.

Puzzle 8

Lead the ball to the hole at the end by making a bridge for it to roll down. It is recommended to be built on the side wall instead of the middle.

Puzzle 9

For 9, either build a very long bridge to the end or just take 2 platforms across the whole way.

Puzzle 10

To beat 10, you must slam jump a total of 3 times. The first jump has no armor and must be perfect. The other 2 jumps have armor for you which will also heal you.

Puzzle 11

To beat puzzle 11 you must run up the ramps to the top. Their applied force from the ramps are not enough to propell you to the next so you must back up on each ramp to make the jumps.

Puzzle 12

CRANES! Everybody's favorite. Bring multiple players to the top using the crates. Don't move too quickly or they will die.


<spoiler>Secret keypad! From spawn head into the shack by the campfire. To press one of the numbers on the keypad, look at it and press E or your Use button. We would tell you the code, but that would be too easy. Can you figure it out?</spoiler>