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Puzzle 1

Map10puzzle1.jpg Map10puzzle1 2.jpg

Climb to the top of the tree using the prop spawners. The tree is very tall so this puzzle can be quite tedious...

Puzzle 2

Map10puzzle2.jpg Map10puzzle2 2.jpg

Puzzle 2 is completed by getting a barrel to the end of each of the four paths. If you have multiple people doing one barrel, it's best to have one person in front, and one person behind it.

Puzzle 3

Map10puzzle3.jpg Map10puzzle3 2.jpg

To get to the end of this puzzle, you need to use the rocket launcher to shoot each of the spinning circles' center. If a circle has been hit, it will be marked by a hole through it and a platform will appear.

Puzzle 4

Map10puzzle4.jpg Map10puzzle4 2.jpg

Puzzle 4 is quite easy, and it can be completed very quickly. You can basically run straight through, and you won't die. However, if you don't go straight, you may take too much damage and die.

Puzzle 5

Map10puzzle5.jpg Map10puzzle5 2.jpg

To complete puzzle 5, you must cross each section of water using the props given. If you crouch walk forward while on a barrel or box, it will slowly move forward with you.

Puzzle 6

Map10Puzzle6Entrance.jpg Map10Puzzle6View.jpg

This puzzle is great for lovers of TF2! Test out your rocket jumping skills in this high risk puzzle! Use the rocket launcher to shoot at the ground under you as you run and jump to clear each gap.

Puzzle 7

Map10Puzzle7Entrance.jpg Map10Puzzle7View.jpg

This puzzle sounds easy but can be hard. Imagine there is a constant wind in this level constantly pushing on you in one direction anytime you're on the ground. This sidewalk may look easy to stay on but with the addition of the wind, it becomes a big challenge!

Puzzle 8

Map10puzzle8.jpg Map10puzzle8 2.jpg

In puzzle 8, you must use the boxes to climb to the top of the tower. It is sometimes helpful to have one person passing boxes up to a higher up person.

Puzzle 9

Map10Puzzle9Entrance.jpg Map10Puzzle9View.jpg

This puzzle is extremely hard especially for those who have not learned the art of bunny hopping. Basically the ice breaks the moment you touch it. How do you get to the end you may ask? You have to take a running start and jump the instant your feet hit the ground every time until you make it to the end. The button at the beginning will reset the broken ice, but be sure not to hit the button if someone is going.

Puzzle 10

Map10Puzzle10Entrance.jpg Map10Puzzle10View.jpg

This puzzle is all about long jumps. Do your best to precisely navigate this cold area on your way to the goal. Falling to the ground kills you in most spots, so make sure each jump is well calculated!

Puzzle 11

Map10Puzzle11Entrance.jpg Map10Puzzle11View2.jpg Map10Puzzle11View.jpg

Puzzle 11 takes you to an icy mountain-island. Here you will spawn amidst a variety of floating ice cube platforms. Use your gravity gun to swim through the water while bringing (or pushing) the ice cubes. Use the ice cubes to build at the start of the puzzle to clear the jumps. After you get past the first part, it is smooth sailing (almost) as you treat the rest of the puzzle like an icy climb.

Puzzle 12

Map10Puzzle12Entrance.jpg Map10Puzzle12View.jpg Map10Puzzle12View2.jpg

Puzzle 12 is a class crane climb puzzle. Assemble your team of victims and start loading up a container with people. Have one person man the first crane to continually attempt to take up more loads to the next crane. Each crane requires one person to work it. W and S change the height of the crane arm. A and D rotate the crane left and right. Mouse left-click will drop the magnet for attaching to containers, and once it has become attached to something left-click will also drop the container. Be careful if you are standing on the container, though, as a magnet to the head will surely kill you!