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Puzzle 1

Map1puzzle1.jpg Map1puzzle1 2.jpg

The entrance to puzzle 1 is to the left of where you spawn. You can do this puzzle a couple different ways. You can either use 2 boxes to climb up, or make a staircase. Each time you reach the top of a wall, a ladder will appear. There are a couple points where ladders don't appear, so be careful!

Puzzle 2

Map1puzzle2.png Map1puzzle2 2.png

This puzzle is a parkour puzzle. Simply jump from prop to prop to get to the other side! Some paths are easier than others, so get to learn the easiest path! If your parkour skills are lacking, you can just use your gravity gun and make a path.

Puzzle 3

Map1puzzle3.png Map1puzzle3 2.png

This puzzle is covered in ice. Some of the ice will break once you step on it causing you to die and start over. There is a set path that you need to take to get all the way to the end. Shoot the ice with your gravity gun. If it shoots it, you know that platform is breakable. The ice doesn't reform when you die, so you can use this to your advantage to see where you died last time!

Puzzle 4

Map1puzzle4.jpg Map1puzzle4 2.jpg Map1puzzle4 3.jpg Map1puzzle4 4.jpg

In this puzzle, the player has to shoot different objects into holes to cause platforms to appear. There are three stages to this puzzle.

  1. The first stage requires you to shoot a cinder block into each of the five holes.
  2. In the second part, you must throw grenades into the five holes. The grenades are a bit harder to get into the hole, as they don't go as far. It's recommended to either drop a grenade on the ground and shoot it with your gravity gun, or toss your grenade and quickly switch to your gravity gun to shoot the grenade mid air.
  3. The last section is much like the second section, since you are still throwing grenades into the holes. Although unlike the second part, this one is much easier because the holes are much closer to the player.

Puzzle 5

Map1puzzle5.png Map1puzzle5 2.png

A giant wiggly snake! This puzzle is fairly easy and all you have to do is make it to the end. Sprinting while repeatedly jumping is a good tactic!

Puzzle 6

Map1puzzle6.jpg Map1puzzle6 2.jpg Map1puzzle6 3.jpg

This puzzle is a maze. However, it's not your normal walk around randomly until you find the exit kind of maze. In this maze, you must take the crowbar at the beginning and hit the walls to find new paths. Good luck finding the end!

Puzzle 7

Map1puzzle7.jpg Map1puzzle7 2.jpg Map1puzzle7 3.jpg

In puzzle 7, you must jump from one spinning cylinder to the next until you reach the end. If you are having trouble timing the jumps, it's sometimes easier to have a friend stand inside one so that it comes to a stop. Then you can jump in while it's stopped.

Puzzle 8

Map1puzzle8.png Map1puzzle8 2.png

This puzzle can be only be opened once all puzzles are completed. You have to place all of the batteries into the slot to open the door. It is essentially a maze in the dark so using your flash light is recommended! (F on keyboard)