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Murder is a gamemode which is very similar to Trouble in Terrorist Town, based off Murder in the Dark and has some similarities to Cluedo. At the start of the round everyone is assigned a role (Murderer or Bystander). The murderers will be armed with a knife and have the aim of secretly killing the bystanders which is how they win the round. The other players (Bystanders) must use their wits to find out who it is and kill them first. At the start of the round one of the Bystanders will receive a gun and this is your only weapon against the murderer.

Trust no one.

Map List


Player Roles


If you are a bystander you will need to work with other bystanders to work out who the murderer is and more importantly stay alive! Unfortunately everyone will appear innocent at first, who can you trust? One of the bystanders will be given a gun at the start, they CAN'T be the Murderer so you should stick with them (but don't act suspicious!!)

As you move around the map you will find evidence which is highlighted with a green halo. If you can collect 5 of these then you will also receive a gun which will not only prove your innocence but also give you some defense.


If you are a murderer then you have a knife! You are required to kill the bystanders while staying out of the light and undetected. You should try and avoid getting too close to groups of Bystanders if you wish to stay alive, remember all it takes is a few calls of your name and you'll have them all after you!

As you move around the map you will find evidence which is highlighted with a green halo. If a Bystander is to collect 5 of these then they will also be given a gun which will not only narrow down the possibilities of whom the murderer is - it will make life harder for you! Although you can collect the evidence you are not able to receive a gun from them, in the same way you can't take a gun from the floor.

MoronYard's Addition

This gamemode isn't orignally created by MoronYard.

But we have integrated our addon nonDB which was created by nonSENSE. nonDB features Hats, Auras, Body Attachments and a lot more items which are customizable, basically there are about 800.000 items.

Finding a loot will give you cash, and essentially killing the murderer or killing as the murderer will also give you cash.