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Mines are currently the only weapons in Smash. They can be found in weapon chests (series 5), and in every Crate - excluding series 7. They can also be purchased as a bundle from the premium store for 1 Gold Bar, this will including all of the mines on the server. In order to use a mine, you need to equip them, this can be done by entering the menu found by pressing F3. When someone has a mine equipped, you will see them holding a pistol which was originally from Half Life. The amount of times a mine can be used per round is defined by the amount of ammo which it has. This can be a number from 1, to 6. The ammo varies between different mines, not the same ones. For example, every repulsion mine has 4 ammo, and every drill mine only has 3 ammo. All mines come with a delay on how often they can be placed.

If a player steps on a mine, and then dies within 10 seconds, the owner of the mine will be granted the kill. For every kill which is made the owner of the mine is granted 2000 cash. (This number can be higher depending on your bonuses, for example a diamond member would receive 4000).

Mine Types

Currently, the only smash weapons which are available are various types of Mines. They can be placed on the ground and can offer players negative (and some positive effects) when they are stepped on.

Bleed Mine
Smash Weapon
After triggering this mine, the victim will take damage while moving for 6 seconds.
Drill Mine
Smash Weapon
When attached to a surface, this mine will slowly start to drill and damage it until it eventually collapses!
Flashbang Mine
Smash Weapon
When activated, this mine will blind all players in a 500 unit AoE for several seconds.
Healing Mine
Smash Weapon
This mine will heal the player for 4-8 health points every 5 seconds.
Puppet Mine
Smash Weapon
If a player steps on this mine, the owner of the mine will have control over the victims movement for 5 seconds.
Repulsion Mine
Smash Weapon
This mine will send players flying when stepped on. Use it to surprise enemies or to escape a tight spot.
Reversal Mine
Smash Weapon
Anybody who is unfortunate enough to step on this mine will have their controls reversed for 3-5 seconds.
Slow Mine
Smash Weapon
Players who trigger this mine will be slowed down by 80% for 8 seconds.
Stun Mine
Smash Weapon
Any player who steps on this mine will be stunned and frozen in place for 1-2 seconds.
Inferno Mine
Smash Weapon
Halloween 2013 Weapon Any player who steps on this mine will be ignited for 7.5 seconds, taking periodic damage as well as being slowed down by 15%. Also applies the 'Scorched'-Debuff which reduces a target's Fire Resistance by 50%.
Bleed Mine Drill Mine Flashbang Mine Healing Mine Puppet Mine Repulsion Mine Reversal Mine Slow Mine Stun Mine Inferno Mine


  • Found in Weapon / Tool chests (Series 5)
  • Found in all crates, excluding series 7.
  • Purchased in the Premium store.
  • Traded from another player.
  • Found randomly from the drop system.
  • Crafted in the Halloween Event 2013 (Inferno Mine only)


As of the Winter 2012 event, mines (and Smash tools/weapons) may have stats are implemented upon equippal of the weapon/tool. These include sockets, which allow jewels and gems to be put into Smash tools/weapons.

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