Magic Dust

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Magic Dust
Magic Dust
Combine with an item to add an effect to it!
Item Stats
Type Material
Description Combine with an item to add an effect to it!
Quality Special
Cost goldbar
Craftable Yes
Randomly Drops No
Rare counterpart No
Item Code madust

The Magic Dust is a very valuable Material that can be used to add a random tier Effect to a Hat or Body Attachment. It can be obtained by combining 3 Dusts, from the Premium Shop, from the Hourglass Shop, from Mysterious Chest A, or from Mysterious Chest C.

Combining a Magic Dust with one Gold Bar in the Crafting Bench will give you a Rare Magic Dust which will have have a guaranteed Tier 2 Effect assigned to it. Adding another Gold Bar to the Rare Magic Dust will upgrade the guaranteed Tier 2 effect to a Tier 1 effect.


Update History

April 24th 2012

  • Added a recipe to craft Magic Dust.

May 5th 2012

  • Recipe was changed from 2 Dusts to 3.