Locked Crate 9

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Locked Crate 9
Locked Crate 9
Series 9
Item Stats
Type Crate
Description Series 9
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Drop chance Unknown
Loot table 2
Item Code crate9

The Locked Crate 9 is a Crate that when opened, you will receive a random item, or a larger set of items. It is craftable the same way as other Locked Crates, however it can also be crafted by combing crates 1,2,3 and 4 in your crafting window.

Chest contents

Spike Hat
You look like a pineapple...
Stack of Hats
Now you have the look to go with all of that money!
Frontline Medic Backpack
I'm the doctor until the doctor comes back!
Adventurer's Pack
I never leave home without it!
The Quickfix
Do no harm. Unless you really have to.
Batteries included. Tunes sold separately.
Force Staff
Smash Weapon
Pushes the owner in the direction they are facing. Adds 600 Velocity. The owner takes 20% more fall damage and is slowed by 10%!
Can be inserted into socketed items.
Spike Hat Stack of Hats Frontline Medic Backpack Adventurers Pack The Quickfix Boombox Force Staff Jewel


  • Crafted by combining Wooden Fragments A, B, C, and D.
  • Crafted by crafting a crate 1,2,3 and 4 in your crafting window. (This will make the crate 9, and the item you receive, untradable)
  • Drops
  • Trading

Update history


  • The Locked Crate was added to the game.