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  • This page is under construction.

The Lobby server is a MoronYard server hub that was designed by Taux. From here you can access the other various Moronyard servers, as well as trade with others and other various activities.


The Casino Room

The Casino is a room where you can gamble away your cash at the slots. There are currently 3 levels of slots: The basic slots that cost 1,500 a roll, the medium slots which cost 150,000 a roll, and finally the high tier slots which cost 1,500,000 a roll. To be able to use the slots, you must be a VIP donator.

Cigar Club

The Cigar Club is a special area that only staff members may access. Inside is a server hub and a small table with executive style chairs, as well as the Mayor.



Main Lobby

  • Bank Teller - Access the bank.
  • Phantasm - Teleport through the lobby.
  • Shaun - Some dude that has seen some stuff...
  • Rebecca - "Comedian".
  • Kleinenhein - Casino owner.
  • Questine - Access quests.
  • Steve - Access the shop.
  • Cindi - "Lover"

VIP Lounge

  • Jack - Gives you information on the other various NPCs, as well as allows you to start chapters.
  • Bartender - Have a beer for only 100 Cash!
  • G-Man - Does not speak unless you are near death, which can be achieved by drinking a mass amount of beer.


While on lobby, you can speak to Questine to start a Quest. Quests are tasks that can be completed to receive a reward upon completion. See here for more information on quests.


You are able to access the Sanctuary servers while on the lobby server. Sanctuary is a newer game mode developed by nonSENSE. To access Sanctuary, enter the building outside the main lobby area and join one of the server queues. More information on Sanctuary can be found here.

Server Room

The Server Room is a small section in the main area where you can access the other various Moronyard servers.

VIP Lounge

The VIP lounge is donator only area that is accessible through a door that says "VIP". Here you can talk to Jack, have a beer at the bar or play the piano!

VIP Lounge pictures