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The main view of the inventory

The inventory is one of the main features of the MoronYard servers.

It contains all of the items you have found, purchased, crafted and traded. The inventory allows you to delete items and move them around. As it stands, the 'Sort Items' button isn't operational and was removed by the administration.

To open your inventory type "/inventory" or "/items". From here you can see all your items, and can sort them manually or have only specific items shown to you.

How to sort

To sort items in your inventory, click an item with the left mouse button for 2 seconds and and let go of it to move it or pick it up. This will pick the item up (under your mouse). Move to the item that you wish to swap places with and click on it. Changing inventory page is possible and can be done while holding an item.

Once the items are swapped, they will stay in those positions every time you open the inventory, unless you move them again or use/craft them, at which point they move to the first empty slot in your inventory.

How to find certain items

When in the inventory, there are several buttons available at the top of the menu. These allow you to select that only specific items be shown. For example, clicking the first button hides all non-hat items, showing you only hats, while the hammer icon shows you all craftable items (such as crate and key fragments, crafting catalysts and any special craftables).

Clicking these buttons once temporarily removes all items that are not in that category, and clicking it again or closing the inventory replaces them.

This does not move any items. That can only be done by manually sorting them.