Gold Bar

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Gold Bar
Gold Bar
A very valuable item... Thank you for your support!
Item Stats
Type Special
Description A very valuable item... Thank you for your support!
Quality Special
Cost $5 or 950 Tokens
Craftable Yes
Randomly Drops No
Rare counterpart No
Item Code goldbar

Gold Bars are the currency obtained from donating to MoronYard. You can receive one from purchasing Gold Membership, two from purchasing Diamond Membership, three from purchasing Coral Membership, and four from purchasing Jade Membership . You can also directly purchase them for $5 USD each. They can also be purchased with Tokens in the Hourglass shop. They are used to purchase premium items in the Shop, which range from 1 to 3 bars in cost.

Gold Bars are most obtainable by donating real money to us as we rely on donations in order to function. When it comes to running a community on such a large scale, we have no choice but to ask for your donations due to the high cost which we have to pay in order to run the Gameservers, the website and even the forums - and that's before we even start talking about all the time and effort which has been invested in to the community over the last year!

You can find out more information about buying Gold Bars by clicking here.

Gold Bar Events

Sometimes there are gold bar events, these may occur during events or special occasions, or when a stretch goal is reached. During a gold bar event you will get double the gold bars you purchased, it does not apply to gold bars given when buying a VIP rank.

This means that if you donate $5 you will not get 1, but 2 gold bars, and if you donate $100 you will earn 40 instead of 20 gold bars. More info on Stretch goals here.