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Welcome to MoronYard

To start off your adventure through the MoronYard universe we'd like to give you a nice big warm moronic welcome to our community! This page is designed specifically to help, you, the new Moron in the community!

The Servers

We currently run four different servers on Garrys Mod. All of the MoronYard servers are interlinked, this means that any money you earn, items you purchase or awards you achieve will always be accessible regardless of where you're playing. The servers we are currently running are:

  • Smash - Smash is by far the most communal sever within the MoronYard community. It gives you plenty of chances to talk to others, trade items and craft amazing recipes while still playing the game and earning money!
  • Slope - Slope is pretty fast paced for the duration of the time you are alive. The concept is very simple - be the first to reach the top! If you die during your run up the slope, you will be required to wait until the next round. AFK players will be slain at the start of the round to avoid other players having to wait for them to return to the game.
  • Puzzles - Puzzles is a very varied gamemode, there are lots of different types of puzzles - some which can be done alone, others which require a group, some which take pure skill and others which are just having that lucky break. Don't sweat! Every puzzle map comes with it's own lobby where you are able to chill with other players before choosing a puzzle to take on!

The first time...

The first time can be scary for a lot of things, let's try not to make your introduction to MoronYard one of those things! Upon entering the server for the you will be given a "Bundle of Starting Items". This can now be found in your inventory which can be opened by typing /items or /inventory in to the MoronYard chat. Once you've located this magical item, you will be able to open it to allow yourself quick and easy access to a number of great tools. Some of the most notable items inside the chest include:

  • A Key - Keys can be used for opening chests and crates containing a variety of items - some of these are incredibly rare and valuable!
  • A Smash Mine - Mines are a weapon used on the Smash server. They can be placed on the ground and used as traps to lure unsuspecting players to their death, making it easier for you to win and some money in the process!

The Forums

The MoronYard forums can be found by typing /forums within any of the MoronYard servers or by navigating to From here you will be require to create an account to fully interact with them, this is a simple process which can also be used to link your steam account to your forum profile! The forums are a wonderful place for you to chat to other players, ask questions and generally find out interesting information. Some of the most important forum threads include:

The Explorer

The MoronYard explorer is a very valuable tool accessible to the MoronYard community. Not only is it the main link between you and your bank, but it is full of useful information such as an item database, Server Statistics, The Marketplace, MoronYard Staff List and The Server Banlist.

Upon entering the explorer for the first time you will be required to complete a small registration to verify your steamID and link your accounts. Instructions on how to do this will be provided to you to make the process as easy as possible. If you do encounter any problems you are more than welcome to post on the Help & Support form where someone can assist you.