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Can be inserted into socketed items.
Item Stats
Type Gem
Description Can be inserted into socketed items.
Quality Common
Craftable Yes
Randomly Drops Yes
Rare counterpart No
Item Code gemd3

Diamonds are Gems that add % Key find chance when receiving drops. All gems come in different tiers, you can only find the lowest tier in your drops. To make higher tiers you must craft three of the same tier together. Perfect gems have higher stats than max stat jewels.

Diamond Tiers

  • Chipped- Found in drops, adds 3% key find.
  • Flawed- 3 x Chipped, adds 6% key find.
  • Normal- 3 x Flawed, adds 10% key find.
  • Flawless- 3 x Normal, adds 14% key find.
  • Perfect- 3 x Flawless, adds 18% key find.