Crafting Hammer

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Crafting Hammer
Crafting Hammer
A material used to repair items.
Item Stats
Type Material
Description A material used to repair items.
Quality Common
Cost N/A
Craftable Yes
Randomly Drops Yes
Rare counterpart No
Item Code crhamr

The Crafting Hammer is used to repair broken items. Every broken item needs either a Blueprint, Crafting Hammer or Scrap Metal to fix it. The Crafting hammer can not be bought from any shop, but can be crafted and found. The recipe from the Crafting Hammer is 2 x Chipped Gem, 1 Jewel and a Crating Catalyst. This recipe creates a Blueprint OR Crafting Hammer, there is a 50/50 chance of either.


  • Gifts
  • Item Drops
  • Tradable

Update history

Multiplier Madness Event, Summer 2013

  • The Crafting Hammer was added to the game.