Combine (Smash)

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Combine is the newest (as of April 28th, 2012) map to be added to Smash. It is also in a sense a replacement for insanity, as it was removed the same times as Combine was added. It was made by the server's own jaythorpe.

Map Details

This map is quite unique. Not only is it the only combine themed in smash, its one of the only 2 combined theme maps on the entire server. Further more, its unique to smash, having numerous layers instead of the only 1 with a few roofed structures. ramps with gaps at the end connect the platforms, forming a sense of a 3-d maze. Currently no other smash map uses this style. Additionally, instead of the normal upside-down pyramid over 1-2 cannons that split the square rocks, round rocks rain from the ceiling, much like the map SpaceStation. unlike space stations cone however, 2 semicircles with hole in the center rotate at extreme speeds, while the shape itself rotates itself at random around the perimeter of the hole, making rock drops far more random, and meaning there is less of sorts of "safe" spots that are common on other maps