Locked Chest

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Locked Chest
Locked Chest
Contains a random item.
Item Stats
Type Chest
Description Contains a random item.
Quality Common
Craftable No
Randomly Drops No
Rare counterpart No
Item Code chest1

The Locked Chest is a Chest that is only obtainable by opening a Bundle of Series Chest and trading. It comes in 5 Series, Series 1 (Hats), Series 2 (Auras), Series 3 (Attachments), Series 4 (Community), Series 5 (Smash Weapons and Tools). When opening a chest you have the chance to get a magic, rare or relic item.


  • Comes in Bundle of Series 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 Chests
  • Tradable

Update history


  • The Locked Chest was removed from crafting and can't be dropped.