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General Trading Rules
  • Do not sell items for money / services / goods outside of the MoronYard servers. Breaking this rule will get you and your trade partner banned for a month and permanently banned from trading.
  • Do not offer a service for your exclusive VIP crafting recipes. You will lose your access to the crafting screen and possibly inventory.

Other than these 2 big rules, anything else is allowed. Use common sense when trading; the trading system should be safe, but if you do get scammed, please report them on the forums so we can investigate the matter.

Once you have all of the items advertised in your thread, it is highly recomended that you send Willdy a private message on the forum and then it will be locked to avoid people getting the wrong impression. Click here to send Willdy a PM.

Item Color Codes
These are the official color codes that are used on the website and in-game:

Normal Items - #FFD700
Rare Items - #8650AC
Legendary Items - #339900
Special Items - #004899

Hats, Auras, Body Attachments - #FFD900
Materials - #FF5E00
Keys - #FF00EA
Chests - #9900FF
Moneybags - #009900
Voice changers - #3399DC
Flamethrowers - #FF0000
Special Items - #5AFF3D < unused

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