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Author Topic: Server glitched/Lost item drops  (Read 511 times)


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« August 23, 2014, 10:21:48 AM » #12045
Was on the smash server, and my inventory started bugging out while I was banking items I didn't want. After getting a few more items and organizing my inventory, I decided to reconnect to the server to see if my items were finally in my bank and not in my inventory. I didn't bank my good finds though. Once I connected my inventory didn't work anymore, and my money and tokens were gone. (I've had these problems before and usually it's just the server and it needs a map change.) So i decided to goto Slope instead, and checked my inventory and it has reverted back to before I last organized it and I lost 4 of my finds and they didn't come back. I even checked my bank.

I've attached screenshot proof from the console that I got a broken turret hat, and 2 keyfrags but they've suddenly disappeared from my inventory and I'm just getting the rest of my drops now. Anyway I can get these items back at all?


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