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Author Topic: Info Found so Far of Event  (Read 580 times)


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« September 13, 2013, 11:29:50 PM » #9541
Check your banks guys c:. Stebbzor says server wont be up til sometime tommorrow though :c.

-Robot Hats
-Robot Keys
-Bundles of new chat tags
-Free 2 Robo Keys and a rare chat tag
-Lockpick Chance affix confirmed!
-10m cash bags
-Ability to remove forum posts? not sure if that was alredy there
-Graphs and charts and under construction
-Sort Inventory Button!
-No hints found for lobby
-New Effect Icons 26 infact!
-Scoreboard , Loading and upgrades in the tags for nonSENSEs' post.
-You can see if items are uncraftable/untradable if they are in players inventories
-New robo effects likely
-21:27 - [M-T-P] Alexfr lns: UnknownX... Just please... Tell me there's gonna be a Goldbar event... PLEASE... or i'll go cry in my bed.
21:27 - UnknownX: 90% chance
-Still trying to find more


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