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Author Topic: Slope Ideas - By Masterkev :3  (Read 1131 times)


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« May 26, 2013, 08:35:35 AM » #8363
Okay - I'll be posting from here on out for any slope Ideas I have.
My first idea will be right below this... >w>

My Ideas will revolve around the fact that something NEW must happen in slope. Special rounds - Special Props, abilities - something beyond these lines, etc.

My first idea is that a TRAIN-ONLY round happens in the server. a 1/20 Chance of it happening (or an increased/decreased chance, up to the admins).
The reward for winning the map is Tripled, and the Gift rate is Doubled during the 1 round that this happens
A song picked from a good list of songs suitable for this event will appear with the round - an example would be
like this song : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D9s18rUaubc
And it would play as if an apocalyptic event just happened. Winning the round should also play something new, or maybe just add the "cheer" sound 20x with different sound levels all around the character, cheering the winner for their courageous effort and victory, of beating the round.

I hope to be updating this post sometime in the future to add more ideas to see if the admin can accept them and help make slope more unique and interesting :3

I hope you, the reader, like the Idea~

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