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News & Announcements / Announcing: Monthly Stretch Goals!
« on: June 01, 2015, 10:59:03 PM »
Monthly Stretch Goals

In order to reward our generous donators and all our active players, we have introduced a new reward system for the whole playerbase. Whenever a certain percentage of server costs has been covered, a new reward will be unlocked. These rewards include free items, events or completely new features.

we doto now

News & Announcements / Easter Event 2015
« on: April 05, 2015, 05:51:49 PM »
MoronYard Easter Event 2015

MoronYard is back with its official Easter Event and as usual, the focus is on painted hats. However, we have come to realize that most players would rather wear their carefully crafted magic items or powerful relics instead of aestheticially hats and body attachments. Well, with the introduction of outfits now you will no longer have to choose! Wear your powerful items AND your painted / rare items!

  • Added outfits: Items worn in an outfit slot will not have their attributes counted and will override the displayed model / entity of normal items. You can wear items as outfits over your regular item so you can still benefit from their stats!
    • Outfits are available automatically to Diamond Members or higher!
  • Revamped the paint system to include TF2 style paints (Thanks to UnknownX for the hard work!)
  • Added Legendary Colorful Chests containing new painted hats and attachments, as well as new exclusive and rare paintcans.
    • The chest can be acquired in the token shop, as well as in the form of bundles (8 x chests / 8 x keys OR 20 x chests / 0 x keys)
    • The chest will disappear after the Easter Event on April 19th!
  • Added the Series 3 Relic Chest
    • The chest contains items that are mainly targeted for use in Sanctuary (+Maximum Health, +Damage Converted to Life, +Resistances, ...)
    • The chest can be purchased in the premium shop!
  • Reworked the paint remover item to grant the user the removed paint as a paint can.
  • Added 3 new hats and 3 new attachments
  • Improved bundle of beginner items and sanctuary starter weapons
  • Added the emote menu to the chatbox (as well as a /emotes command)

There have also been countless changes to the inventory in the past few weeks, including but not limited to:
  • A bigger inventory (4 rows x 7 columns)
  • A search mask, allowing you to look for specific items in your inventory
  • A bigger crafting screen
  • Most menus are now fully draggable
  • An action allowing you to view available paints on an item.
  • More noticeable sockets on items.
  • Detailed DPS indicators for Sanctuary weapons

Sanctuary is coming along nicely in the public beta, running a total of 5 servers (2 of which are dedicated to the 2nd difficulty level 'Challenge mode'). If you have not tried Sanctuary yet and wish to do so, head over to the lobby!

Sanctuary / DPS Formula
« on: March 09, 2015, 11:41:29 PM »
Since some people were asking me for the DPS (DP10S / 10 would be more accurate), here's a brief overview:

Code: [Select]
-- Previous calculations for weapon stats
-- The average damage per hit, based on weapon base damage
local avgDmg = (newWeapon.MinDamage + newWeapon.MaxDamage) / 2

-- Apply enhanced damage first
local ed = (stats.EnhancedDamage + 100) / 100
newWeapon.MinDamage = math.Round(newWeapon.MinDamage * ed, 2)
newWeapon.MaxDamage = math.Round(newWeapon.MaxDamage * ed, 2)

-- Now modify min and max damage
newWeapon.MaxDamage = newWeapon.MaxDamage + stats.MaxDamage

-- Accuracy is added onto the existing accuracy rate
newWeapon.Accuracy = math.min(newWeapon.Accuracy + stats.Accuracy, 100) -- capped at 100%

-- Attack speed
local ias = (stats.AttackSpeed + 100) / 100
newWeapon.FireRate = math.Round(newWeapon.FireRate / ias, 2)

-- New elemental damage: by UnknownX
-- Treat as percentage-based damage
-- 1 cold damge = 1% damage increase
newWeapon.ColdDamage = math.ceil((stats.ColdDamage / 100) * avgDmg)
newWeapon.FireDamage = math.ceil((stats.FireDamage  / 100) * avgDmg)

-- Actual DP10S Formula
local numBullets = newWeapon.NumBullets
-- If number of bullets higher than 0 and not 1, use a divider, else use 1
local div = (numBullets != 1 and numBullets > 0 and numBullets) or 1
local reloadTime = newWeapon.ReloadTime
local fireRate = newWeapon.FireRate
-- If melee weapon, use 1 as clipsize
local clipsize = (newWeapon.ClipSize > 0 and newWeapon.ClipSize) or 1

local avgRealDmg = (newWeapon.MinDamage + newWeapon.MaxDamage) / 2
local dmg = avgRealDmg + (newWeapon.ColdDamage / div) + (newWeapon.FireDamage / div)
-- DPC = damage per clip
local dpc = dmg * clipsize
local dp10s = (10 / (reloadTime + (fireRate * clipsize) / div)) * dpc + 10*newWeapon.PoisonDamage

--  This is the number we display!
local dps = math.Round(dp10s / 10, 1)

News & Announcements / New Sanctuary Runewords announced
« on: March 09, 2015, 01:01:24 AM »
We're glad to announce the addition of 10 new runewords for Sanctuary weapons (and 2 existing runewords have been rebalanced).

Melee Weapons
  • Downfall:    Yor - Fa
  • Strength:    Fa - Bol
  • Toxin:         Lam - Haa
  • Diligence:   Bol - Xer    (Wrench only!)
  • Steel:          Xer - Bol - Haa
  • Brawn:        Haa - Fa - Xer

  • Chill:          Yor - Ie
  • Purity:        Ti - Lam - Yor

SMGs & Rifles
  • Smoke:       Ti - Xer
  • Honor:        Bol - Haa - Fa - Ti

  • Glory:         Ie - Fa
  • Blight:        Ie - Bol - Haa - Lam

Here are some tips on creating runewords:
  • Runewords can only be created in pure weapons.
  • A runeword with 2 runes can only created in a weapon with exactly 2 sockets. (3 runes / 3 sockets, 4 runes / 4 sockets).
  • The runes need to be crafted with the item in the exact order they are listed (Yor - Ie, not Ie - Yor)

To those who have not tried Sanctuary and wish to do so, connect to our Lobby server and follow the teleporter to the Sanctuary room.

Lobby IP:

A more elaborate post on the progress and future of Sanctuary will be posted tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the servers.

Have fun!

News & Announcements / Membership Prices / Current Development
« on: February 26, 2015, 11:58:59 PM »
VIP Ranks revamped

Over the past few months, we have struggled to cover our bills for our dedicated server and web servers from the donations we have received. We attribute this in part to the very pricy (and newly introduced) Coral and Jade memberships;

We have thus decided to permanently reduce prices on our highest membership options, Coral and Jade.

Members who have donated for these ranks before last week will also be refunded in the form of goldbars for the difference in price (2 goldbars for Coral, 4 for Jade members). Furthermore, they will receive a unique chat tag for use on our servers, as well as a unique trophy on their inventory page as a thank you for the support.

The new prices for the memberships are as follows:
Coral: $30 $20
Jade: $50 $30

Sanctuary is coming

In other news, the Sanctuary gamemode is nearing completion and is in the final stages of private testing; we will soon be opening up the lobby server as well as a first beta-Sanctuary server to our VIPs for final public testing and balancing.

If you do not know what Sanctuary is, you can find more information in these threads:

Sanctuary - The map
Sanctuary - Screenshot Thread
Sanctuary - Speculation & Fact Thread

Stay tuned for further updates in the upcoming days!

News & Announcements / Update time
« on: September 06, 2014, 04:04:26 AM »

After several months of hard work, we are proud to release the newest content update for our servers.

You can find the full changelog here:


With this update, we are also introducing a new gamesever:

MoronYard Puzzles

I will update this post with further information tomorrow.

News & Announcements / Status update
« on: May 27, 2014, 10:22:07 PM »
Just checking in to assure you that I am not dead and development is still on-going. While I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks (months?), I have made sure to spend a couple of hours each week working on new content and features for the server.

At this time there are about 40-50 new items being added in the next update, and more are being finished up every day.

Even though I cannot give you an estimated time of release for the next update, I can assure you that it is coming.

Teaser: Remember those "scrolls" that were discovered a while back? Well, they found a home...

News & Announcements / Goldbar Event (until Sunday April 27th)
« on: April 20, 2014, 12:49:23 AM »
The buy-2-get-1-free goldbar event has been activated for 1 week!

From now until Sunday 11:59 PM (CEST) , for every 2 goldbars you purchase, you get 1 goldbar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!).

Note: You will not get 3 goldbars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only gold bar purchases are affected.

Sanctuary / Collaborative Balancing
« on: March 26, 2014, 02:17:56 PM »
As the gamemode grows, we'd love for you to give us your ideas on weapon / monster / loot balance.

We have opened a spreadsheet documenting some of the current weapons, mechanics and values. Anybody is free to comment on the document.

If you wish to participate in tweaking some values, you can request to be added as a contributor in this thread. Note: Contributors will need to provide us with a Google account that we can share the document with.

Sanctuary / Official Screenshot Thread
« on: March 22, 2014, 06:33:12 PM »
Just a place where I post some progress.

Currently adapting the item hoverboxes to display weapon stats:

Almost there... (also note the little elemental damage type marker on the icon to quickly identify poison / fire / cold damage weapons)

How loot will be dropped (purple aura = boss drop)

Mapping Applications / MOVED: CiTRON Mapping Application
« on: March 13, 2014, 01:57:07 PM »

Help & Support / MOVED: Kmasht's Sanctuary Map
« on: March 13, 2014, 01:54:10 PM »

News & Announcements / The Sanctuary Map
« on: March 06, 2014, 10:43:15 PM »
In this post I'll try to give some information about what kind of map we are looking for. As we have already mentioned, this map will be used in our upcoming gamemode, called Sanctuary.

What is Sanctuary about?

The gamemode is a 2D-sidescrolling shooter with NPC mobs. The players can only move left and right (using WASD) and aim using the mouse cursor. There will be lots of loot, weapons, monster level scaling and 4 different difficulty levels.

All players work as a team to clear as many waves of monsters (and bosses) as they can, by fighting off the hordes from within a Sanctuary; this is basically a safe-zone, protected by a simple barricade. The space outside of the Sanctuary is not safe (dark, full of rot and death) so the players are urged to stay behind the barricade at all times (unless there is an intermission between waves, where players can collect loot).

What kind of map is needed?

The map itself is extremely simple; since the camera position and the player's movement are fixed, the main walkway (which the NPCs will use to get to the barricade) is not complex. For testing and development, we use a very simple map with a straight path and clips to restrict the players movement. This is a screenshot of the current map (annotations are explained below):

This image should give you an idea of what we are looking for:

1) Foreground:
  • This area, along with the background, is not accessible to the player and its main purpose is aesthetic.
  • Since the main theme of the map is a dark apocalyptic environment, the foreground could feature props like burning oil-drums, abandoned vehicles, smoking rubble, etc.
  • Props and scenery in the foreground should never obstruct the player's view!

2) Walkway:
  • This is the path the players can actually walk on. It should be mostly straight, except for a little slope at the very beginning of the monster spawn (1-2x the height of a player) in order to prevent players from shooting straight at the mob spawn.
  • This area is actually quite narrow, to prevent monsters or players to not be on the same Y axis (players can only aim up and down).
  • The walkway is separated from the fore- and background through player clips.

3) Background:
  • Just like the foreground, the background is purely cosmetic and not interactive.
  • Fitting background scenes would be for example:
    • A dark alley with tall buildings or chain-link fences
    • Collapsed buildings, crashes vehicles, etc

4) The Sanctuary
  • This is the barricade which should protect about 4-8 players inside.
  • It is important to note that the sanctuary should be 1 level only (no stairs, ladders, etc)
  • The area itself should be indicative of being a safe-zone; a collapsed building with the frontwall (in foreground) removed, or a fence spanning into the background would be examples
  • The Sanctuary area ends to the left in a pit (drop into trigger-hurt)
  • The main barricade prop will be positioned on the walkway and will be placed via Lua (no need to worry about that

Example VMF:
This is the map we currently use for testing purposes; the spawnpoints for both monsters and players are perfectly aligned on the y-axis (requirement) as well as being limited by the 2 clips.

Click here to download the example map (.vmf)

If you wanna give it a go, feel free to do so! Good maps will be rewarded with exclusive items!

Thanks for reading!

News & Announcements / Content update
« on: December 28, 2013, 05:15:09 PM »
  • Completely redesigned the drop system:
    • Loot table distribution is a lot fairer now and 'good' drops are much more common.
    • Hats, Body Attachments and Auras drop a lot more often and have a chance of being broken.
    • 'Good' and 'Very Good' jewels have a chance of dropping.
    • Relics are more common and can drop occasionally.
    • Loot is affected by magical properities of worn items (+% Relic Find increases your chances of finding relics).
  • Changed base item / day rate from 6 to 8.
  • Added 33 new relics.
    • Split all relics into 'Series':
    • Initially released relics are in Series 1; more recent and newly added relics are in Series 2
  • Added ability to buy moneybags during a trade.
  • Added disclaimer for trading which needs to be accepted before any transactions can take place.
  • Added new sounds for purchasing items and redeeming moneybags.
  • Added a new reward for getting the 'Holy Prop' award.
  • Added treasure boxes:
    • Each treasure box contains 1 jewel with 2 affixes with increases rarity.
    • Can be bought in a bundle (2 treasure boxes) for 1 goldbar, bought in the Token Shop for 475 Tokens or received during special events.
  • Added "Chance to Cast" affixes on relics:
    • Backtrack: Has a chance of blocking any instance of incoming damage completely.
    • Corruption: Applies a negative debuff to all players in a 600 AoE and reduces their armor by 8 for 9 seconds.
  • Added /rules chat command.
  • Added "+% Better Chance of Finding Broken Items" affix.
  • Added "+% to All Resistances" affix.
  • Fixed items from gifts not actually being given out.
  • Minor GUI redesigns and changes.
  • Other bugfixes.

Furthermore, our Double Goldbar Event is ongoing. Until January 6th 2014, 9 AM CET, for every 2 goldbars you purchase, you get 1 goldbar for free! (Buy 4 - get 6, buy 8 - get 12!).

Note: You will not get 3 goldbars from the Diamond VIP membership. Only gold bar purchases are affected.

Our Smash Tournament last weekend concluded after 30 rounds to reveal these winners:


News & Announcements / Smash Tournament
« on: December 21, 2013, 04:18:09 PM »
Today a Smash Tournament will be held for our members. Here's a few things that you need to know:

  • 30 rounds - Players with most wins get prizes.
  • First come, first served - Server capacity will be set to 36 players so we cannot guarantee a slot for everybody.
    • VIP members have slot priority!
  • Prizes will be Relic Chest (Series 2), Bundle of Treasure Boxes and Treasure Boxes.
  • The map will be Eye

Time and date of the tournament: 2013/12/21 at 10 PM GMT. Please check this timetable for the exact date and time in your timezone: CLICK HERE!

Furthermore, an update will be added to the server in the next few minutes. A small downtime may occur.

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