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Monst3r's Boot Up Dat Usb Guide
What is Needed For My Tutorial:
1.) At least a 4GB USB drive (or what ever size your disc iso files may be).Don't go jump out the door buying USB's just yet. It is very important that you buy a USB that has a FAT 32 or NTFS supported file system.Other file systems won't work! You can check what kind your USB has by right clicking it from your computer tab and checking its properties.For example, when you click your hard drive at the bottom right you should see that its file system is NTFS.
2). Software to make your computer treat your USB as a boot up device. A freeware program called "Wintoflash" is what you need.You may also use other similar programs, but I suggest this one because I know it worked for me. Get it here --------->http://wintoflash.com/download/en/
3.) Use your noggin this tutorial is not really that hard. ;D
Why Should You Make A Windows Installation via USB?
I think it would be a good idea for anyone to grab them a USB drive because these drives are a more reliable storage device in my opinion. Often times people lose their original windows disc (for example: me!).Disc can easily be scratched or lost.If something ever happens to your computer to the point that it does not boot up this USB will be very helpful. Believe me going to search Walmart for a Windows 7 disc is a headache unless you would like to gamble with the new unstable windows 8 operating system.Cool...right? Walmart apparently thinks so.
Using Wintoflash to Modify Your USB Drive:

Watch this video it explains the whole process.I would type it all out and stuff, but that would probaly cover the whole page.
Important Notes:
1.)Never remove a USB drive while using it during a windows installation! This will corrupt the installation and windows will not boot up properly.
2.)In order to boot from your modified USB device you have to enter your bios. This is the same as step 3 except you make sure your first bootup device is your USB then make sure you save and exit bios once you change it.
3.)When the installation automatically restarts your computer you have to go through your boot options. You can get into boot options (bios) by pressing ESC or F2 when you boot up your computer.In the BIOS go to the boot tab and make sure you switch your boot priorities back to your hard drive device. Obviously it will be the one on the list that does not say CD rom drive or USB.

Can't find delete partition for windows format?
If you have a windows 7 disc like mine you won't have a format option out on the install page. i don't know why...go ask Microsoft. Anyways, the way to do it is to click on "repair" and open the CMD (command prompt). Type format C: or what ever letter your hard drive may be that you would like to format. Most of the time it is C: and yes, I do think it has to be a capitol letter(Ex. C:).

That is pretty much it... just a simple and very convenient way of booting up a windows installation for repairs or formatting. I thought it was awesome I just made a fresh windows install with my USB and thought it was cool so I wanted to share it. Enjoy! 8)

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