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Yes, it's really me, that furry, and recent moderator. I've been in-active for quite some time and decided I may come back to moronyard once more, I'd also like to apologize to Nonsense for my in-activeness as a moderator before, twas caught up in things and well I'll leave it at that. I was also curious to if the Moronyard item making tool would still work in the Gmod update. Also I'm unsure of where this should be posted, so I just posted it in this section. And Willdy, I apologize for taking so damn long to give you your Force Staff. This has been a very (not) important message from your gift/rare hoarder, Death The Wolf. P.S. If the item creating thing does work still, prepare for a clusterfuck (Mind my language) of items. P.S.S. Whens moronyard's halloween event? Also one last P.S.S.S. Nonsense, Use my unholy prop for the halloween event :3

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