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« March 13, 2014, 10:10:26 PM » #11195

I have recently been working with nonSENSE and Stebbzor to revive and also revamp the MoronYard Teamspeak server. Originally my plans were to set up a few defined channels and generally make it a little bit more appealing than it was beforehand.


Now, I've finished most of the basic stuff but now it's time for you to let me know what you want to see!

Remember, you can join the Teamspeak server by connecting to direct.moronyard.com with the password smash. Let me know what you want to see and I'll see what I can do!

Firstly: Channels
A number of channels have been added, if you have suggestions for any more channels or feedback on how the current ones have been created then please let me know. Currently we have channels for: General Chat, a VIP area (Donators), a room for each game server, several staff restricted and six private channels (Ranging from 2 to 4 people).

Secondly: Server Icons
Do you like the idea of having icons? Do you like the icons which are currently in use?

Thirdly: User Ranks/Icons
I created a number of staff ranks (Mod/Admin/Dev/Owner) and then followed that up by adding ranks for the 3 VIP groups (Silver/Gold/Diamond). After this was all set up, I also uploaded the icons used for ingame medals and donation milestones (crowns). I'm also willing to extend this to ALL ingame chat tags which people have access too (read below).

User Icons

As I mentioned above, if you have access to a chat tag on the servers then you should be able to access it on Teamspeak.  To receive your tags you need to: (1) Connect to the Teamspeak server with your desired username, (2) Contact me on TS (Via poke or private message), (3) You will receive your tags!

If you are unable to contact me on TS, feel free to contact me elsewhere and I'll do my best to assign your tags. If we are not able to be online at the same time, I will send you a privilege key (1 per rank) which you can use to 'redeem' access to your rank. These codes must not be shared and if they are the particular code will be made void and your TS access revoked.

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