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Author Topic: Armour should be buffed a little  (Read 2149 times)


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« February 03, 2016, 02:40:37 AM » #14462
So, on my opinion armour should get small buff as it doesn't seem to be as useful as all resistances, provided by amazonite. Even though onyx was buffed, there is still only a minimal difference between physical resistance between the two (11% for amazonite, 12 * 1,1 = 13,2 for onyx), and considering how 2,2% difference between the two doesn't really warrant the use of armor.

For example, a person has a 4 socket hat filled with either a spring or a coral and 3 amazonite or 3 onyx. Thus, the resistance provided by amazonite is 33% to ALL resistances, including poison and fire, for poison and chemical zombies respectively. Thus, a person with 150 health and 33% (3 * 11%) all resistances has 225 effective health against every form of damage. With onyx, someone with 150 health and 36 armor (3 * 12) or 39,6 physical resistance (3 * 12 * 1.1) has 248,344... effective health against physical damage ONLY, and 150 against everything else. Simply put, sacrificing literally 75 effective health against all damage except physical, where you gain about 23,3 health simply isn't worth the sacrifice, considering how common poison zombies are for example.

What should be done about the situation, where armor is almost worthless compared to all resistances, driving the price of amazonite up and onyx down. This causes a situation where only three types of ancient gems (iolite, hiddenite, and amazonite) are sought after, leaving onyx and citrine almost worthless. My suggestion is in the lines of buffing armou a bit (From 1,1 physical resistance per 1 armor to 1,15; 1,2; or even 1,25. In situation of 1,2 physical resistance per armor, a person with 36 armour and 150 health would have 264,1 effective health, a boost from 1.65 effective health against physical damage to about 1.76, giving some more merit to armor), in addition for it to allow some kind of damage resistance against chemical zombies (Which would make sense, considering explosive defusing personnel have a ton of padding and such). This would leave armour vulnerable against poison, stun, slow and fall damage, which is way more than with amazonite, where you slowly get invulnerable against every type of damage. Other ways to concern the problem would be to have a higher cap for armour than to all resistance, making it more valuable when a lot of physical damage is coming and all resistance can't compensate for it.

In a nutshell, armor should be way to go for physical resistance as amazonite working as a baseline. Maybe add something special to armor as well, like a way to negate chemical zombie damage, instead of being basically a slightly better scaling copy of the physical resistance stat.

When it comes to citrine, ways to give lockpicking chance a meaningful boost would be, that if your lockpick chance is over 100%, you would have a chance to open the crate and gain a key fragment as well if you would've failed to pick the lock. Wouldn't work with lockpick boosters obviously.

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