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« November 09, 2015, 04:56:07 AM » #14353
Mines mines mines, everyone loves them, everyone hates them, it's a great place to expand even more on. And since this doesn't belong in item submissions or relic suggestions I made a thread for it.

Matryoshka Mine
- An attribute that effects all current and/or future mines.
- If a mine has the Matryoshka effect on it the mine will go off but then will split into 3 smaller versions of the mine which then become active mine.
- The drawback is the total amount of main mines you can place is cut in half
- Both the main mine and smaller mines will take 8 seconds to activate or however long the main attribute mine has

Tag Mine
-Once someone steps on the mine a countdown starts that once reaches 0 blows up the current target and does explosive damage to everyone in a small blast radius
-To remove the countdown from yourself your playermodel must touch someone else then they gain the countdown
-Long Cooldown

Chi Stick
-Not a mine but more like the force staff
-Once a player activates it a blast of energy pushes players in whatever direction that player is facing adjacent to the caster in a 500 radius
-Very long cooldown

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