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Author Topic: Another Lobby Suggestion (Quest System)  (Read 1986 times)


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« August 01, 2015, 10:23:19 PM » #14082
With the latest update to the questing system the only way to unlock quests is to unlock them for a certain amount of quest points, but you have to wonder what you'll do with the quest points after you've unlocked all the quests? Don't get me wrong the rewards are nice if you're able to fulfill the quest, but I feel it should be expanded upon in two ways.

1. Add quest points as a new way to re-roll quests.
This not only adds a way that rewards the player for doing a hard quest but makes it easier than using their hard-earned money or tokens that are given out by active gameplay which could be used for token shop items.

2. Add a "voucher" drop to the sanctuary drop list.
These vouchers would be in set values and would have a predetermined drop rate just like any other loot has in Sanctuary, it wouldn't be almost every other drop, but it shouldn't be hard as an ancient gem to find, this also makes it so you can do something when returning to the lobby after a game, but it gives you yet another reason to play Sanctuary.

Also these said vouchers would be un-tradeable because they're only going towards your questing system so it couldn't be exploited in anyway. Tell me what you think bellow.

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