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If you are appealing a ban you should include your steamid, in-game name and a reason why you should be unbanned.

If you are requesting a ban you should include the offenders steamid, in-game name, proof and any other information we should know about him.

If you are providing a demo as proof it's preferred you upload it to YouTube or some other video uploading service.

Use this format

Ban Appeal Form
Thread title: Your name's Ban Appeal.
Code: [Select]
[b]Name[/b]: Your Name
[b]SteamID[/b]: Your SteamID
[b]Reason[/b]: Tell us why we should unban you.
[b]Other[/b][COLOR=#D3D3D3][I](optional)[/I][/COLOR]: Anything else you would like to tell us.

Ban Request Form
Thread title: Ban Request for Offenders Name.
Code: [Select]
[B]Name[/B]: Offenders Name
[B]SteamID[/B]: Offenders SteamID
[B]Proof[/B]: Proof of offender breaking rules.
[B]Other[/B][COLOR=#D3D3D3][I](optional)[/I][/COLOR]: Anything else we should know about the offender.

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