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Author Topic: Easter Keys and Rare Painted Chests!  (Read 4981 times)


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MoronYard Easter Event

We realize that a lot of players still have several Easter Event Chests they would like to open before the Event is over, so we decided to introduce a few new items.

  • Added the Easter Key and Bundle of Easter Keys. The bundle will turn into 12 Easter Keys on use and can be purchased in the Premium section of the shop. Easter Keys only work on Series 6 Chests and they will disappear after the Easter Event has ended, so make sure you use them!
    • The Easter Key has a chance to drop randomly from gifts.
  • Added the Rare Painted Item Chests: These chests will always create a rare painted item. Both the Tier 1 and the Tier 2 & 3 (combined) versions of the chests can be found in the Premium section.

Remember that these new items along with the Easter Event chests (Series 6) will disappear shortly after the event ends on Monday.


The items in the Premium section of the shop can be purchased in exchange for gold bars. You can get 1 gold bar for $5 or when purchasing a VIP membership. See the Donation page for details.

In the past few days we have also been able to upgrade our servers thanks to your generous support! Note that all of the donations will go towards improving the server and community!

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