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MoronYard Discussion / Revival of Token + Money Rewards from Quest
« on: July 30, 2015, 05:51:27 AM »
Even though this update happened a while ago and I haven't heard any discussions from other players who do Quests, but I feel like there should be a revival of getting not only the item reward,  but also tokens + money back from completing quest as it was before. I can say that it'll probably give more interest into doing quests instead of shying away from doing quests. Before the update, I felt like quests was a lot easier with much greater reward, and now it's a lot harder(which can be a good thing) with much less reward. Getting tokens and money with the quest reward would give more people edge to come back and keep doing quests(however that's my opinion). I was also curious on why they were taken out of the quest rewards for the new update if that can be elaborated on. Thanks!

- Logan

Bans & Appeals / ϟrgt.Gren™ Token Ban Request
« on: July 29, 2015, 06:48:17 PM »
Name:  ϟrgt.Gren™
SteamID: STEAM_0:0:78438568
Proof: Was caught token farming
Other(optional): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K45tPSBRmXE&feature=youtu.be
also two other people in the server can vouch for me

Help & Support / Something Is Creating Script Errors in Lobby
« on: July 25, 2015, 03:01:05 AM »
NOTE: This doesn't happen when I play on my Desktop, only on my laptop

So when I go into lobby on my laptop, for some reason nothing appears in the chat, the only thing that appears in chat is when people exit/join the game. However, I've tested it and people can still see what I type in chat and I can access things such as my inventory, bank, etc. using the quickbar. Also I cannot see chat tags when i press tab. I'm not sure if this problem is happening with other people/other servers, but I will update this if I get more info.


Also, it's only happening in Lobby

Bans & Appeals / Logan[YEEZY] Ban Appeal
« on: July 16, 2015, 11:27:23 PM »
Name: Logan[YEEZY]
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:41918399
So, I received a ban for "Harassment, giving out personal information" for a player(who I am not going to name). Now of course as I was curious to know what proof they have to place this 8 day ban on me. However, when I added the person who put the ban on me, I asked for the proof and sadly I still have not received the proof whatsoever and was actually discouraged to make this appeal(because I was banned by one of the owners, but also he had sufficient amount of proof which I haven't been provided). I love playing on this server, but I feel like it's pretty unjustified that I didn't get any warnings for my said actions. I'm not asking for a complete unban, but at least decrease my ban as was done for Lucky. As to the person who was involved with this incident, the only thing I can really say at this point is sorry. In general, I cannot take back things that I have done/said in the past, but I can say I have never talked to you inside OR outside of the game 1 on 1, which is why I do not know how evidence is being placed against me and at this point it seems like it's a he said, she said game. However, you do have the right to report if you felt harassed, in which I cannot blame you for. In the end, if the evidence is provided and I have to take this punishment in order for me to play on the server, i'll take it, but in my current state of mind, I felt like this was absolutely necessary. Thanks for reading

Other(optional): I love the servers and the members of the community and whatever happens from here, wish the best of luck to you guys

- Logan

Trading / The Official Collector's Thread
« on: July 13, 2015, 06:26:55 AM »
This is a list of people who collect certain items

AKA They'll buy hats/miscs you don't want to keep


If you don't see your name and want to be added, please comment down below. Thanks!

(Also it would be appreciated if this could get pinned)

Logan. - Earphones, Scrap Pack (Rares only)
Ziggs - Dirty Beard, Killer Kabuto
Master Mark - Birthday Hat, Planeswalker Goggles, Human Skull
Wes the mew - Counterfeit Billycock, Blue Rival
LaffeyTaffy - Charmer's Chapeau
2Kawaii4U - Devil Tail
cosco24 - Lovely Balloon, Phantom Mask
snowi - Christmas Hat, Fairy Wings, Dr. Dappers Topper, Wicked Grin.
ZeNeko - Medic Mask, Top Hat (occasionally)
Brando - Charmer's Chapeau, Dove, Hero's Hachimaki
SolomonKane - Santa Hat
Tiger - Lumberjack Hat

Lobby / Item Search Suggestion
« on: July 07, 2015, 12:39:28 AM »
Note: I'm putting this in the Lobby subforum as most people in Lobby can relate to this, but if you need to, move it to whatever subforum it fits into.

Well my suggestion is that there should be a search function(like in the bank) but for looking in other people's inventories. I feel like it is sometimes very tedious to look into every individual's inventory for a certain item that you are looking for and it would be more efficient to have the search function. Another thing that I am suggesting is that maybe on the main website, there can be a search function where you can search a certain item and all the inventories which has that item will appear. I know many users like to collect rare items and it would be easier for them to locate those items that they are in dire need of.

If you need any more explanation of what I am trying to suggest, feel free to ask. Thanks!

- Logan :)

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