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« March 21, 2014, 11:45:14 PM » #11244
In-Game Name:Keyes

Projects: sa_dualcarriageway and unnamed ttt maps.

Portfolio/Images of previous maps or current maps you are working on:

(Optional) Your personal favorite image of a map you have made:

(Optional) Link to maps you have made:(I have no download link now, but I can send them in a Zip on Skype if you wish.)

Other reasons why you should be a map developer for MoronYard:Well I have learned quite a lot about the tools of Hammer(I try to demonstrate different tools in the images like light and different solid categories and shapes) and I would be willing to learn more if I must in order to create a map for MoronYard. I joined MoronYard  a year ago and I feel I hardly come on as much as I'd like to and I'd like to get more involved with MoronYard and the Community and I'd like to take a more mature approach than before. :).

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