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Author Topic: Laptop issues (Alienware)  (Read 2344 times)


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« July 26, 2012, 02:57:07 AM » #4270
So yeah, My Laptop is having issues but I don't believe its hardware or anything like that (I'm waiting to send it in, but curious to if anyone may know how to fix or whats wrong.). Basically, in almost all games except L4D2 and GTA 4 and some Indie games, I get freeze ups when a script is used or a sound script is played, but it runs fine after the script/sound is played or used. If anyone could help/solve my problem, I'd be happy as heck.


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« September 02, 2012, 04:17:10 AM » #4742
IDK if you found the problem or not, but this has nothing to do with your laptop. Something's corrupted in the files.

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« September 11, 2012, 09:10:03 PM » #4839
It's probably because you actually bought an Alienware.
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