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« June 29, 2012, 05:20:38 PM » #3706
A few things have changed over the last few days and lots of minor patches were applied. The server should be stable enough now, so I'll quickly list a summary of what has been added / changed:

  • Added several new community items: Stack of Hats, Boombox, Mad Eye, Scattergun, Adventurer's Pack, Warrior's Shield, Sentry Hat and The Quickfix.
  • Added a new magic property: Open Sockets. Items with open sockets can inherit magic properties from the items that are inserted into these sockets (for now, only Jewels). Items with sockets can be found in crates, chests, gifts or even randomly. They can have up to 3 sockets.
  • Added a new item type: Jewels. These items always have at least 1 magic attribute. They can be inserted into items with the "Open Sockets" magic attribute. Doing so will remove the Jewel and add its attributes to the item. Jewels can be found in every crate and can be crafted together to create a new random jewel.
  • Disabled inventory sorting; it might return in the future but for now it has been removed to reduce amount of database queries being sent in a session.
  • Fixed FPS issues caused by material cache being faulty.
  • Optimized profile saving and reduced general amount of queries used.
  • Switched over to transaction-based queries for inventory saving.
  • Lots of other minor fixes.



A big thanks to Alexandra Galloway, Death the Wolf, Real13 and Weinster for creating the community items!

I'd like to remind people about potential exploits on Smash and their consequences:

If you are caught in an area where you cannot be hit by boxes or are generally not supposed to be (ie: bridge on Canal), you will be banned. Don't even attempt to get to these spots, as excuses such as "I didn't know I couldn't be there" or "I was just trying to see if it was possible" will not be tolerated. You have been warned.

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