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Author Topic: Style Force Staff's and Boost Flasks.  (Read 1447 times)


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« October 07, 2013, 09:00:25 PM » #10126
So I decided to bring up the subject of styled Force Staff's once more, and a new subject along with it.

So to begin I'd like to say I can see Force Staffs having styles and people being able to make them as well via the hat-maker since it does let you connect things to the hands, however I don't know how the force staff scripts work so I can't really confirm styles being possible myself. (I'd like to also credit jim for the idea as well.)

Second of all: Boost flasks, A weird idea I thought of whilst browsing tf2 models and finding those flask models for MvM. Basically there'd be 6 different Flask's 1 being empty (Meaning you'd have to get the colored solution to put inside of it via crafting to make it whatever type of flask.)

1st Flask Name: Empty Flask
Description: Requires a solution to be used.

2nd Flask Name: Mine Ammo Flask
Description: Increases max mines by 1-2 depending on type.

3rd Flask Name: Tweaked Flask
Description: Mines recharge faster when stepped on, or if using Force staff, it's recharge time is shortened.

4th Flask Name: Resistance Flask
Description: Grants resistance to a random smash weapon per round.

5th Flask Name: Second Chance Flask
Description: Teleports you to your last placed mine at the cost of losing half of your hp.

6th Flask Name: Speed Flask
Description: Increases your movement speed by 25% at the cost of increased fall damage.

These would be a secondary smash item type, meaning you could have a smash weapon and a flask out at the same time.

Also if accepted, I can make the flasks in the hat-maker.

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« October 26, 2013, 02:53:08 PM » #10219

Also, carrot force staff, because, carrots are nice.

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